Am I seeing Double? – Double Demytha Clan Boss

Published On: August 5, 2022
Aphidus the Hivelord is a Clan-Boss Beast?!

No I am not! What is better than one Demytha? Two Demytha’s!! that’s right Demytha is one of those rare Champions that having two of them is better than one. With two Demytha’s we can build a really fun and high damage potential Clan Boss team and she does this is such ease that all you need to do is get the dupe Demy’s to a certain speed and they will do all the work so the rest of your team can sit back at low speeds and SMACK the Demon Lord into the ground.

This guide will show you exactly how to do that!

How the team works

To make this team affinity friendly aka that pesky decrease speed debuff the Spirit Clan Boss hits us with, we will need a cleanser or a Debuff Blocker (with a 3 turn cooldown), To use a cleanser on UNM you need the Demytha’s to be at least 259.83 true speed. On NM all the DPS must be faster than 161.43. To use a cleanser for Spirit affinity all DPS must be at least 165.16 speed. But, if you don’t worry about that then it’s more DPS for you!!

This comp is full auto from the start so once you have Demytha’s skills booked, you have your other champions chosen, all you need to do is hit those required speeds and you are good to go

The Speeds

260 – Demytha (both of them)

162 – all the others!

It’s as simple as that, there are no bells and whistles with this comp its as simple as get the speeds then add damage and away you go.

Final Notes

Double Demytha is a great comp and has the Demy-god’s going in a two-for-one ratio so they take turns applying the block damage buff at the end of each clan boss turn, and with Demytha’s buff extension you will always have your buffs up. The plus on this, it is quite easy to build with the demy’s being the only champions with high speeds and it’s a great introduction to Ultra Nightmare if you don’t have a Maneater or a Painkeeper for the Budget Unkillable, and in all honesty, if I had to choose between this comp and the budget unkillable I would go the double Demy’s as it’s much easier to build.

This team is at best a two-key ultra nightmare team, however, it’s more reasonable at a three-key team. With Demy there is a reason she is arguably regarded as the best unkillable champion out there now and this is the reason why

Do you use this comp or any comp with Demytha in it? let us know down below, we love hearing from you!

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