Buff Extension – What does it bring, and who does it best for Clan Boss?

Published On: October 16, 2022

Increase Buff extension is where a champion will increase the duration of a buff on their allies and/or themselves. This is especially useful against the clan boss and in fact, it’s the key to the damage world record for Ultra-Nightmare Boss. the only problem with this ability it is relatively rare and it is even rarer to have a variable one for Clan Boss with only a handful having the ability to extend all buffs for the entire team. The list of champions below are all the champions that increase the duration of buffs.



Krisk is undoubtedly number one on this list. He brings so much to the fight against the Clan Boss Ally Protection, increase speed, and from his passive, he will place weaken and decrease defence when attacked. Then you add the fact he increases the duration of all ally buffs by one turn and it’s easy to see why he is a key player in the world record team.

Lanakis the Chosen

Lanakis is best known as a very good Ally Attack champion and is also part of the high-damage Clan Boss teams. She brings increase crit rate and an increase attack on all allies, which means you only have to build your champions with a 70% crit rate. But she also has an increase all-buff skill that goes along with her ally attack on the A2.


Shemnath is the newest champion on this list and he is a huge damage dealer and has an amazing skill set. The only problem with Shemanth is she is all about herself increasing her buffs. Which doesn’t really make her viable for Clan Boss. everywhere else she is amazing!! (Hydra comes to mind)

Wythir the crowned

Wythir is an amazing support champion and if you are lucky to pull her she will be in most of your teams. We all know the annoying Wythirs in Arena!! She increases the duration of buffs but it’s only the continuous Heals



Andryssia is not a Clan Boss champion and should not be used there, as she only buffs herself. She has a kind of useful ally protection on her passive but it’s a 5-turn cooldown and it’s only placed on one champion. Her increase buff duration relates to the increase defence she places on herself.


Demytha is one of the best epics in the game for Clan Boss as she enables players to run a block damage comp, However, on her A2 she increases all buffs on allies by one turn. If you have Demytha, use her in some capacity in Clan Boss. the buff extension is just a bonus!


Since Flesh-Tearers buff he has become viable for Clan Boss as he is all about the debuffs and buffs now. He can decrease buffs and increase debuffs on enemies while increasing buffs on all allies. If you are looking for an extension champion, look no further!

Godseeker Aniri

Godseeker Aniri is an amazing champion in her own right and her kit is all about your champions not dying! Her passive is brilliant just before they take a fatal hit she will place a revive on death buff to bring them back. She also has a revival on her A3 and heals on her A1 and A2. her increase buff duration is on her A2 too and since it’s on a 3-turn cooldown (when booked) she is one of the best for this role.


Hope has no hope really, she has an increase in the duration of buffs on her A2 but the rest of her kit is a no-go for Clan Boss

Quargan the Crowned

Quargan is only on this list because of his A1. the A1 has a tiny chance to increase the duration of one random buff on a random ally. This is too RANDOM!!!

Sandlashed Survivor

Now here is a champion Sandlashed Survivor is an unbelievable champion and is the epitome of a support champion all her kit screams I want to keep you all alive! AOE ally protects on her A3, Decreases the duration of all enemy buffs, and Increases the duration of all ally buffs on her A2. just brilliant!


Hellborn Sprite

Hellborn Sprite is a useless rare! That’s what we all thought until someone has the bright idea to use her in Clan Boss and boom she is now one of the best-known rares in the game. Weaken on her A1 is great but the pièce de résistance is her A3. Increase the duration of all ally buffs and increase crit rate buff. Perfect for the infinity gauntlet comp.


Valerie is the last name on this list, and she is a very underrated champion. Yes, she is one of those champions that have the dreaded A1 of “attacks 1 enemy” but the rest of her kit is decent. Increases the duration of all buffs on all allies by 1 turn. Also decreases the duration of all debuffs on all allies by 1 turn. Places a 25% Increase ATK buff on all allies for 2 turns on her A2 and laces a Shield buff on all allies for 2 turns on her A3. a decent support champion if you struggle in that area.


The increased Buff extension ability is not as impactful as the increased debuff ability. However, in the right setup, it can be the difference between you staying alive for another turn and you dying.

Do you use any of these champions for their increase buff duration ability? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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