Building your First Ultra-Nightmare Clan Boss Team

Published On: August 31, 2022

You have started your journey playing raid, at first you built your team for easy, then normal and so on now you are on Nightmare, but you feel you can move up and battle the ULTRA-NIGHTMARE Clan Boss! it’s a daunting task, its just under twice the amount of damage for the top chest than Nightmare and the Demon Lord hits twice as hard and has higher stats all round, So where do you start? Well, that’s where we come in! is the place to be to answer that question, we have so many Clan Boss Comps and their setups here the choice really is limitless and when you are building your Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss comp all you really need to do is pick the champions you want and find a setup that works for you!

But if you don’t have the champions that are featured on the site, you will get great use out of the Clan Boss Calculator, and it comes with a handy tutorial to show you how to use it. So, you have your CB calc open, now you need to choose your champions and for clan boss you need to bring specific skills to the fight

Unkillable Champions

First up if you have one of the champions: Unkillable Champions

Unkillable champions are the easiest Clan Boss comp to tune for Clan Boss, Pick the one you have in the Speed Tune list and follow the speeds, that’s it you don’t need anything else bar accuracy to land your debuffs. After that you can just focus on pure Damage. No need to worry about HP or Defence, unless you are running a Stun target UK team e.g., Budget Unkillable.

Champion Skills & Stats

Counterattack/Ally attack

Counterattack and/or Ally Attack is an amazing way to increase your damage output in Clan Boss and if you tune them correctly. to place the counter-attack so its on your champions for both AOE attacks you start to get big damage numbers

Decrease Attack (ideally on the A1)

Decrease Attack is a must if you are not running an Unkillable team. For the basic reason of it reduces the damage inflicted by the Demon Lord air go staying alive longer

Decrease Defence and/or Weaken

The idea of Clan Boss is to inflict the most damage and these debuffs help you immensely with that. Having both is ideal.


Any kind of healing is a must, whether it be passive heals, buff heals, heals from gear sets (lifesteal) or from the debuff Leech. You need to stay alive in get the damage in.


Bringing Poisons into the fight with Clan Boss is the single best way to inflict damage on the Clan boss. the more poisons the better. *note* you can only have ten debuffs at any one time on the Clan Boss, so keep an eye on it.

HP Burn

HP Burn is a good sidekick to Poisons, especially if you bring Geomancer into the fight with you as his passive works off him placing HP burn.

Turn Meter boost

Bringing a turn meter boost champion like Apothecary or Deacon Armstrong can help you go faster, thus increasing your Damage Potential.

Overall, if you can bring in champions to your team that do multiple things then even better.


The UNM Clan Boss has a speed of 190, so if you have all your champions above this speed you will go first in the fight, simple as that. You can tune your team that your De-buffer goes first at 195 speed, your buffer goes 194, healer 193 and your damage dealers at 192 and 191

HP and Defence

For Ultra Nightmare you would ideally like to have a Defence of 3.5k however, this is just a ballpark number and is not set in stone as, if you bring an increase Defence champion or a Defensive aura. This number can come down. Then with HP a good rule of thumb is over 35k

Final Notes

Ultra Nightmare is a big step up from Nightmare and it could take you a while to build a decent Ultra Nightmare team if its not Unkillable. But if you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to achieving the top chest in UNM.

What team do you run? do you have any other tips for newer players? Let us know down below, we love hearing from you!

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