Demonspawn – The spawn of the Demon Lord

Published On: April 21, 2023

Demonspawn are a faction in Raid: Shadow Legends and they comprise some great champions like Duchess Lilitu, Helicath and Prince Kymar. But are any of them good against the clan boss? In this guide I am going to take you through the best of the best the Demonspawn offers in terms of the Clan Boss fight, and there are some amazing champions here!

What makes a good Clan Boss Champion?

They need debuffs, buffs, cleansing, survivability and of course damage to name a few. Inherently there are few champions in the Demonspawn faction that are popular choices for Clan Boss.

Let’s go through the few by rarity that make the clan boss list of champions to use.


Rare champions are always the weakest in every faction, however, sometimes, mainly in the early game they can come in and do some work for us in Clan Boss. Here are a few standouts from the Demonspawn Faction.


Marquess is not a usual pick and would mostly be considered food, but did you know her A2 hits really hard plus it has a 50% chance of placing weaken. Marquess also has a good chance of placing Decrease Attack on their A1 meaning they are a solid pick for Clan boss.


Ifrit is like Marquess, the weaken is on his A1 and the decrease attack is on their A2. Ifrit’s passive is interesting, however, the chances of any enemy including the Demon Lord himself crit hitting you is low, it is a small chance it can place decrease defence.

Hellborn Sprite

Hellborn Sprite is not a good champion on her own. Sure, she has an interesting kit, but she is not good, enter the Infinity comp and this is where she excels. She brings just the right things needed for that comp. Increase duration of all ally buffs on her A3 and the all important Weaken Debuff on her A1.


The Rares in this faction are not great but can the epics do any better, they have some amazing champions


Urticata is a great champion for clan boss, Increasing the duration of poisons on her A1, Poison sensitivity on her A2 and a Hex on her A3. And it’s the Hex that unlocks her passive, when Hex is on the enemy she has a chance to place poisons on them.


Peydma has the best decrease attack ability in the faction with a 100% chance of placing the debuff for 2 turns. She doesn’t really bring anything else, but if you are looking for a decrease attack champion, look no further than Peydma. Peydma also has a handy buff steal on her A3 that can take the increase attack buff the Demon Lord places on himself.


That’s all for the epics, there are more to choose from, but they are the best of the rest! Now, on to the main event! The Demonspawn have some incredible Legendary champions.

Wythir the Crowned

Wythir is an absolute beast of a support champion for all areas of the game and clan boss is no different. She brings no damage at all but what she has is a Leech on her A1, increase defence and a random heal on her A2 Her A3 removes all debuffs and heals everyone meaning you can use her as a stun cleanse.

Tyrant Ixlimor

Tyrant is the quintessential HP Burn champion who is mostly used in Spider up to stage 25, However, if you are looking for a true protector of your team look no further than Tyrant, His A3 is 3-turn  ally protect for all allies and then his Passive decreases damage inflicted by enemies under Hp Burn.

Lord Shazar

Lord Shazar is only on this list because of his A1! Shazar’s A1 is one of the hardest hitting A1’s in the game as long as you have enough debuffs on the Demon Lord, which you always will have.


Helicath is an AOE block damage champion, but he also brings a big shield, so no matter what way you want to go Helicath has you covered. If you have him, he should be in your Clan boss team.

Duchess Lilitu

Duchess is one of the best champions in the game and for clan boss that is no different, she is all about keeping your team alive, full team revive on her A3, Block debuffs and increase attack on her A2 she also places a perfect veil on everyone too which means they take less damage than you add her passive to this, where she decreases the damage taken by all allies from AOE attacks you will stay alive for much longer when you put Duchess in your team!

Honourable Mention

I am putting Vasal of the Seals here purely because you can only get him via keys from the secret rooms. Vasal is a great champion overall in most areas of the game but by the time you get him you won’t need him.

Final Notes:

The Demonspawn have some amazing champions for Clan Boss most notably, Helicath, Lord Shazar and Urticata. This faction will not see you wrong in choosing your champions to take on the Demon Lord, after all they know all his secrets being his Spawns and all!

Did I miss anyone, leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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