Geomancer – Best Epic in the game?

Published On: October 7, 2022

Geomancer is an epic force champion from the dwarf faction in Raid: Shadow Legends. Is he the best epic champion in the game I would argue saying yes? Sure, the likes of Seer and Royal guard are amazing champions but it’s Geo’s passive that makes him the best or, well, the most wanted epic champion in the game. We can use him in any PVE environment and he will thrive in those areas. Now with the addition of the Iron Twins geomancer has gone up another notch. His passive is the best way to defeat the twins quickly.

Geomancer Skills:


Increases Ally HP in all battles by 25%

A1 – Tremor Staff

Attacks all enemies. Has a 30% chance of placing a 50% Decrease ACC debuff for 2 turns.

A2 – Creeping Petrify – 4 Turn Cooldown (books to a 3 turn)

Removes all buffs from a target enemy, then attacks them. Steals all buffs if the target is under an HP Burn debuff placed by this champion. Reduces the cooldown of Quicksand Grasp by 2 turns if this skill kills the target while under an HP Burn debuff placed by this champion.

A3 – Quicksand Grasp – 5 Turn Cooldown (books to a 3 turn)

Fully depletes the turn meter. Fills the Champion’s Turn meter by the amount the target loses. Has a 75% chance of placing an HP Burn and a 25% Weaken debuff on the target for 3 turns.

Passive – Stoneguard

Decreases the damage all allies receive by 15% and deflects that damage onto each enemy under a [HP Burn] debuff placed by this champion. If there are multiple champions on the team with this Skill, only one will activate.

Why is this kit so good?

Whenever this champion is attacked, deflects 30% of the damage instead. When deflecting damage, has a 30% chance of dealing additional damage equal to 3% of the target’s MAX HP.

As you can see, Geomancer’s skills all revolve around his A3 Quicksand grasp and the passive. The decrease accuracy on his A1 is really nice, and the buff removal and his A2 is great against bosses like hydra. But the main event is the A3 fully depletes the turn meter of the enemy (if it can be done) and then places HP Burn and weaken and that’s where the passive kicks in. whenever Geomancer places his HP burn (and that’s the important part). Every time he is attacked by an enemy, he deflects damage back to them. He deals more damage equal to 3% of the max HP of the target. This racks up some huge damage numbers.

Geo is just amazing as a passive damage dealer this means you can build him very tanky with little to no damage stats and he will stay alive and just keep getting those passive numbers and if you add the mastery Warmaster to that, you can get Warmaster procs of the passive too.

Final Notes:

Is geomancer the best epic champion in the game? Yes, and no is the accurate answer, for general use in PVE content against bosses he is probably the best and against Clan Boss he is a monster!

And this is the reason geomancer is probably the most wanted champion in the game at the moment. Iron Twins.

Do you use Geomancer? Where do you use him? Leave a comment down below, we loving hearing from you!

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  1. Arthur Hirschkorn October 10, 2022 at 4:52 pm

    Just pulled him and mordecai trying to figure what equipment to put them in

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