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Published On: January 20, 2023
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Hell Hades has invited several content creators and some of the Members of the HH Gaming team to compete against one another in the hardest challenge they have all faced! The Challenge, start a brand new account all at the same time and play the game as a free to play account and the team over at HellHades.com will track the progress via the optimiser. First to sixty, first to hit ultra nightmare, first to dragon 20 to name a few are the targets. It is going to be a long challenge and the key word there is “a challenge” because it will be! There will be current rankings for each area of progression and view details around their teams used, fastest times or highest stages of difficulty.

There are 10 challengers:

HellHades – we know who he is

Deadwood Jedi – we also know who he is

OddOneGaming – if you don’t know him you should. He is the Demi-god of Hydra.

YST – The best new and up-and-coming Raid Content Creator. He loves Genzin

Eharbad – The King of F2P

Phixon – The guy in the basement of HH Gaming

Saphryya – The Face of the HH Gaming Network YouTube Channel

Neva – The Lil bro of Phixion but he is also the man behind most of the content on HellHades.com and somewhat a speedrunner when it comes to Gaming

Lockers – The Head of Social Media for HH gaming and can’t resist a YOLO shard pull

Lady H – she is possibly more famous than her Husband. The catch she has never played raid: Shadow Legends before!

First things First

Before they even started their accounts, a draft was conducted on who they could start with and what champion promo code they could use and our man Deadwood Jedi got very lucky with Elhain, arguably the second best starter champion and he hit the jackpot with the champion promo code of Deacon Armstrong.

Here on DeadwoodJedi.com we will follow Deadwood Jedi’s progress, who else. We want DWJ to win and we are backing him 100% on his road to Ultra Nightmare!

Deadwood Jedi

Deadwood is no stranger to this format of playing the game as he played his main account this way for nearly the first year and we all know how good that account is now! Deadwood’s approach to the Challenge is slow and steady. The Hare didn’t win the race by going all out at the start! But this time will be different, the game has evolved since then; we get a lot more resources now and there are a lot more options, champion wise.

But wait, there’s more!

This challenge is not only for the 10 Challengers. You can get involved in the challenge as well and its never too late to sign up as the leader boards are to the date you created your account not the start of the challenge.

Like the Challengers the Community will face off in key areas of progression in Raid: Shadow Legends. There will be current rankings for each area of progression and view details around their teams used, fastest times or highest stages of difficulty.

All we can find the information on the challenge over on hellhades.com/free-2-play-2023

So, start your account and get involved or just follow Deadwood’s progress right here! Either way, this is going to be a mammoth challenge and a marathon of a series.

Are you going to get involved, if so leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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