High Elves – are any of them good for Clan Boss

Published On: December 25, 2022

High Elves are a faction from the Telerian territory in Raid Shadow Legends. High Elves originate in Aravia where they have built a wondrous, shimmering city. Living in these lands of plenty has enabled them to evolve their society to the highest degree of physical, intellectual, and spiritual achievement. High-principled, they welcome exiles and offer them new homes further east. But are any of them any good against the Clan Boss? lets find out!

What makes a good Clan Boss Champion?

They need debuffs, buffs, cleansing, survivability and of course damage. Inherently there are few champions in the High Elves faction that are popular choices for Clan Boss they are more of a supporting faction with some heavy hitters in there.

Let us go through the few that make the clan boss list of champions to use. I will not be naming everyone just the best of the best.


Reliquary Tender:
She is a very good rare champion in her own right but for clan boss she can be especially useful. A good chance of a decrease Attack on her A1 and a full team cleanse on her A2 which means she is doing two of the key roles you need for a more traditional Clan Boss team.

Apoth is a legendary disguising as a rare. If you are lucky enough to get him early in the game, he will be in every one of your teams for a long time and Clan Boss is no different. He Heals, he speeds you up and the speeding up part is the key for CB, when you go faster the more chances you have inflicting damage.

The lil rare that could be pretty much useless! Unless you are pairing her with Demytha in the myth-heir clan boss comp. Her counterattack when an ally gets attacked is very handy to rack up the damage against the CB and her full team cleanse is a fantastic way to remove the stun and or debuffs the Demon Lord likes to place.


Once upon a time Tayrel was the best epic in the game! He would be in every single team you had. However, for Clan Boss he is still a viable option for early to mid game players as he has two of the most important debuffs for the Demon Lord. A very high chance of a decrease attack on his A1 and a Decrease Defence on his A2. He is also a Defence based champion, so keeping him alive will be easier.

The newest champion on this list so far, however, she has a decrease attack for two turns on a 3-turn cooldown on her A2 which means it will be up for the entire fight and with her passive of counterattacking when attacked by an enemy under said debuff, she can rack up a lot of damage. Put her in a Toxic set and the bar will always be full of them. She needs to be fully booked though for it to work so that is the downside for me.

The epics in High Elves leave much to be desired for Clan Boss but there are two for an honourable mention.

She has a two turn weaken on a 2-turn cooldown on her A2 which is exceptionally good, but she has nothing else.

She has poisons on her A1 which means if you pair her with a counterattack or ally attack champion, she can build those poisons up


Now on to the main event! The Legendary champions and they are some of the best Legendaries in the game!
First up

Belanor is a Clan Boss specialist and since his recent buff he is more viable in other areas of the game. A1 places increase Crit rate on all allies for a turn and if you are going on a 2 for 1 ratio, it will be up all the time. Meaning you can build your champions with only 70% crit rate. Then his A2 has weaken and decrease defence the two best debuffs for Clan Boss. great Clan Boss champion.

Arbi is amazing that is all I need to say. But I am guessing you did not think I would have her on this list, did you? Weaken on her A1, decreases buff duration on her A2, so she gets rid of the increase attack the Demon Lord puts on himself. Turn meter fill and increase attack on her A3 and if anyone dies, she will pick them back up.

He is purely on this list because of his ally attack on his A3 it’s on a three-turn cooldown which is exceptionally good, and he has a shield on his A2. A good Clan Boss champion.

The next champion is the best champion from High elves for Clan Boss HANDS DOWN!

Tatura Rimehide:
Where Belanor does all the debuffs for clan boss Tatura does everything else. Block Debuffs and increase defence on his A2 so no annoying stuns or debuffs and you can take a hit and when you do his passive will kick in and send 30% of that damage back at the boss.

Final Notes

And that’s it all the champions from the High Elves faction I think are viable champions for Clan Boss. Do you use any of them, Were there any champions that we surprised you to see on this list? Did I miss anyone? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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