How to build a good Clan Boss team in Raid: Shadow Legends

Published On: September 25, 2022

The Clan Boss fight is essential in Raid: Shadow Legends. It’s an excellent source of Shards, Books, gems, potions, and silver daily, If you can hit the damage targets for the difficulty, you can hit. But, how do you build a good Clan Boss team? In the guide, we will go over the basics, the gear, and the champions that can help you achieve the damage you need.

The Basics:

In order for you to even attack the Demon Lord, you will need 5 champions, and these can be any champions you like. But, in order to build a good Clan Boss team you need champions which specific skills like Decrease Attack, Decrease Defence, Poisons, and healing, these, of course, can be spread across your five champions and even have some do over one skill and have multiple champions do the same ones.


Some of the most wanted champions for Clan Boss are the champions that place AOE Block Damage or the AOE Unkillable buff like Maneater, Demytha, or Helicath. Teams that include these champions and relatively easy to build with only the speeds needed to work. The only problem with these teams is if you don’t have a combination of these champions. If Unkillable comp is impossible to do, then you are left with the “killable” teams the likes of Brogni, Valkyrie and Krisk are the best for these teams but it’s not limited to it. Vizier Ovelis is a sleeper for the Clan Boss, his A1 increases the duration of all debuffs on the Clan Boss by one turn meaning if you have all your debuffs up like Poisons, Decrease Defence, Decrease Attack they can stay up for the entire fight. Counterattack and/or ally attack is also great buffs to increase your damage potential. On the other side as a way to stay alive. ally protection champions are amazing in clan boss and if you are lucky to have one they should be in your team as ally protect reduces the damage your champions take and since how the coding of this ability is written, the damage taken by the ally protector is the same from turn one to turn 100.


The gear you put on your champions can be more important than the champions themselves in surviving and dealing the most damage to the Demon Lord. When starting off all your champions should be in Lifesteal gear as this set grants you a heal by how much damage you deal to the Demon Lord. Once your gear gets better or if you get a champion that places the Leech debuff on the boss you can move away from Lifesteal gear. If you are building an unkillable team, you don’t really need to worry about the gear sets you have on your champions. However, in some comps, like bateater, you can put the relentless gear on your damage dealer to inflict the most about on damage on the Demon Lord. for killable teams sets like Stalwart and Guardian sets are top tier for the Clan Boss as stalwart reduces the damage taken for AOE attacks on the wearer and the guardian set spreads the damage across all the champions lessening the damage taken overall, the guardian set is used to great effect on an ally protection champions.

Final Notes:

And there you have it, if you follow the guidelines in this guide, I am confident that you will soon build yourself a good clan Boss team and not to float our own boats but is the place to build a great clan boss team, with the speed tunes and using the Clan Boss calculator you will sure the team works,

Good luck in your Clan Boss adventures!

What are your biggest damage numbers for Clan Boss? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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  1. Martin Webb October 19, 2022 at 7:01 am

    Been using a double maneater/geomancer/fayne/dark Kael unkillable for ages without any issues, but suddenly it does not work. Put the last pair of ogryns in Guardian ring (epic) that gives speed. Removed it again seconds later, as I realized it would mess things up. Could that be the problem? That there is a bug that does not “forget” the speed boost?

  2. Boško Aleksić June 11, 2023 at 11:50 am

    2.336.692 on normal f2p lvl 37

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