How to survive longer in Clan Boss in Raid: Shadow Legends

Published On: September 4, 2022

We know Clan Boss is one of the most important areas in the game as it gives great rewards like books, shards and gems to name a few, but when people talk about Clan Boss the conversation is always about how much damage you can get, what comp are you running? But all of that goes out the window when you can’t stay alive long enough to inflict, say, damage.

There are a few ways you can stay alive longer and we are going to go through them


Sometimes, yes, it is as simple as that. If you can get plenty of HP and the right level of defence on your champions, they will eventually stay alive longer. There is a table for the defence required as per min-maxing

Difficulty Defence Requirement
Ultra Nightmare 3500+
Nightmare 3000+
Brutal 2700+
Hard 2400+
Normal 2100+
Easy 1800+

As you can see, the defence number goes up by 300 every difficulty and up to Ultra nightmare its 500. If you can build all your champions with the minimum defence number you will stay alive longer

Gear Sets

When i say gear I don’t mean just any gear, there are a few sets in the game that are perfect for Clan Boss

LifeSteal: Lifesteal gear is a staple early to mid game set and it should be on every one of your champions to help you stay alive by healing up with every hit, and that’s no different in Clan Boss. all your champions should be in lifesteal

Stalwart: Stalwart is a step up from Lifesteal, easily amenable from the Dragon Dungeon and it reduces the damage taken from AOE attack. Stalwart gear is best used on support champions so you can keep them alive.

Guardian: The Guardian set is a very end game set as it’s difficult to obtain great pieces as you can only farm 5 or 6 star gear from the forge and you can only get parts for the gear from the Doom tower Hard Griffion boss. Guardian gear is best used on an ally protect champion to reduce the damage spread on your champions.

Healing and Protection

It goes without saying that bringing a healer or a champion that can, in some way, protect your champions be it ally protection, Unkillable or Block damage buff is probably the best way to live longer in your Clan Boss. Champions like Maneater, Demytha and Helicath can do it on their own. Apothecary, Brogni, Bad el-Kazar are probably some of the best healing champions in the game.

Final Notes

And there you go, that’s how you stay alive longer in your Clan Boss Fight! I wish you all the best in your Clan boss Journey! Find the balance between damage and healing and before long you will be getting the top chest on Ultra Nightmare soon enough!

How do you stay alive longer in Clan Boss? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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  1. Evert Wolf January 4, 2023 at 12:36 am

    how long does a clan boss fight last? when i start after 30 min i see a red note and the fight stops, friends told me that after 30 min the score doen not count. is that true?

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