Introducing the Hydra Creator Clash!

Published On: May 17, 2023
Hydra content creator Clash

Prepare for an exciting competition as eight contestants dive into the depths of the Hydra Clan Boss, battling it out for the ultimate prize and the inevitable ridicule from their fellow Content Creators!

Following the tradition of the previous Draft Competitions, this event will comprise a series of live streams culminating in a thrilling grand finale. While HellHades has emerged victorious in the last two drafts, the question remains: can he maintain his reign and secure a third consecutive win? Only time will reveal the answer!

For more information, you can visit the Official Event Page.

The Contestants

The Rules:

Each competitor must adhere to a unique set of rules, mirroring the previous draft events. Here’s an overview:

  1. The eight creators will draft six champions each to form their teams.
  2. Acrizia and Graazur Irongut are prohibited and cannot be chosen by any creator.
  3. The draft order will be determined randomly through a “Spin the Wheel” process.
  4. Once the draft is completed, the community will vote in a poll to determine the bracket seeding.
  5. Creators will be placed in a single-elimination tournament bracket based on the poll results.
  6. After each round, the winner can choose one champion from their opponent’s draft.
  7. The team’s player power must not exceed 500k for each battle.
  8. In each round, a creator can request one restart within the first 20 boss turns.
  9. All battles will be conducted on the Test Server Hydra Rotation at Brutal Difficulty.
  10. All battles will be streamed live on DeadwoodJedi’s YouTube channel.

Draft Results:

Final Teams:


Nekmo Thaar, Sicia Flametongue, Soulless, Tatura Rimehide, Ursala the Mourner, and Ruel the Huntsman.


Mighty Ukko, Cardiel, Teumesia, Taras the Fierce, Ragash and Duedan the Runic.


Tuhanarak, Michanki, Sniktraak, Khoronar, Walking Tomb Dreng and Marichka the Unbreakable.


Mithrala Lifebane, Uugo, Inquisitor Shameal, Mother Cybele, Godseeker Aniri and Ninja.


Krisk the Ageless, Teela Goremane, Siphi the Lost Bride, Ma’Shallad, Gnishak Verminlord, Bivald of the Thorn.


Duchess Lilitu, Supreme Galek, Lydia the Deathsiren, Skull lord Var-Gall, Trunda Giltmallet and Prince Kymar.


Husk, Venus, Cupidus, Archbishop Pinthroy, Elva Autumnborn and Martyr.


Royal Guard, Geomancer, Kantra the Cyclone, Lady Kimi, Pythion and Mistrider Daithi.

What’s Next?

The teams are set, the votes have been counted and verified, and we officially have a schedule on our hands! 

The following match-ups will take place on Thursday and Friday:

  • Skratch vs MTG Jedi
  • Coldbrew vs YST
  • HellHades vs DeadwoodJedi
  • NubRaids vs OddOneGaming

The creator clash will take place on DeadwoodJedi YouTube at the following times:

  • Round 1 Battles: Thursday May 18 & Friday May 19 @ 8pm UTC
  • Round 2 Battles: Monday May 21 @ TBD
  • Grand Finale: Thursday May 25 OR Friday May 26 @ TBD.
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