Ogryn Tribes – Can these Brawling Brutes kill the Clan Boss

Published On: February 5, 2023

The Ogryn tribes are a faction in Raid: Shadow Legends and they comprise some great champions like Big ‘Un, Maneater and Occult Brawler. But are any of them good against the clan boss? In this guide I am going to take you through the best of the best the Ogryn tribe offers in terms of the Clan Boss fight, and there are some amazing champions here!

What makes a good Clan Boss Champion?

They need debuffs, buffs, cleansing, survivability and, of course, damage to name a few. Inherently, there are few champions in the Ogryn Tribe faction that are popular choices for Clan Boss.

Let’s go through the few by rarity that make the clan boss list of champions to use and since the OT faction is one of the smaller factions, the list will not be long!


Ogryn Jailer

OJ is not a Clan Boss specific champion, but he makes this list purely on his Multipliers. He has some of the highest ones in Raid, and that includes Legendaries. So, if you are looking for a budget pure damage dealer, look no further than the Jailer himself!


Mycolus is a Clan Boss champion through and through. It is really the only place you would use him and it’s all down to his A2 and passive. He is a protector and a healer. His A2 places a massive shield on himself and then places Ally Protect on all allies and if that’s not enough, his passive redirects 5% of all damage received by his allies to him meaning his friends stay alive longer.


I know what you are thinking, Bellower? He is a campaign farmer, or a stun set champion, but when you look at what he brings, for early game Clan boss he brings some use. Decrease attack and Decrease Defence on his A3, I know it’s the small versions but if you have no-one else to do it he is your guy. Plus, he hits hard!

That’s all the rares now on to the epics and there are some of the Best Clan Boss Champions in the game!



What can I say about Maneater that hasn’t already been said? If you get him, you will do well in Clan Boss and if you get two, you have won clan boss, simple.


Uugo has gained must fame because of her importance for Hydra, a Leech on her A1, Decrease Defence on her A2 and a nice heal and revive on her A3 but a great support champion all round and that’s no different for Clan Boss


SC is one of only 3 full team counterattack champions in the game, the other two Valkyrie and Martyr, so he is in elite company. In some ways, Skullcrusher is better than the two ladies, due to him placing the Unkillable buff on himself when placing the counterattack. Which means you can be used as a stun target and his passive allows him to ignore that stun too. Brilliant Clan Boss Champion!

Occult Brawler

OB is one of the Best pure poisoners in the game let alone just for Clan Boss every single turn he places a poison for four turns, yes you read that right every single turn!!!!! Turn off his A2 and just watch the debuff bar fill up with turns and turns of poisons. Truly an amazing sight!

Ghrush the Mangler

Ghrush brings a good amount of AOE damage whilst also providing important debuffs such as Decrease Attack and Leech which can be massively used in Clan Boss teams, removing the need for Lifesteal gear on your team.

Now that is a list of epic champions to die for in Clan Boss. Unfortunately, and funnily the Legendary list will be less appealing as with the OT faction the Epics are considered better than the Legendaries for Clan Boss, however, there are a couple of good ones in there.


Guurda Bogbrew

When you think of Clan Boss and Guurda you may well think WHAT???? But hear me out if she is all you have then she is your best output for poisons. I would turn off her A2 as the mechanics of that ability is too messy, and just focus her as a cleanser and a poisoner and prioritise her A3.

Korugar Death Bell

Korugar is new to the world of Teleria and he is all about protecting his friends, He has A Full team Ally protect on his A3 and his passive is amazing, buffing his and his allies resistance and defence and if that’s not enough he has a full team cleanse on his A2


Warmother is only on this list as she is the only champion in this faction that has a Decrease attack on their A1, Also Bombs do, do some damage to the clan boss.


And that’s the list of the best Clan Boss Champions from the Ogryn Tribes faction in Raid: Shadow Legends. Some absolutely amazing champions Maneater and Occult Brawler as the stand outs.

Did we miss out on any, do you use any of the more obscure champions? leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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