Orcs – these warriors pack a punch.

Published On: October 15, 2023

Orcs – these warriors pack a punch. They have some great champions like iron Brago, seer and Kreela witch-arm. But are any of them good against the clan boss? In this guide, I am going to take you through the best of the best the orcs offer in terms of the clan boss fight, and there are some amazing champions here!

What makes a good clan boss champion?

They need debuffs, buffs, cleansing, survivability and, of course, damage to name a few. Inherently, there are few champions in the orc faction that are popular choices for clan boss.

Let’s go through the few by rarity that makes a list of champions to use against Clan Boss.


Veteran – This rare is a half decent rare overall, but if you need a decrease attack champion for your clan boss, team look no further, his a1 is a double hitter with a 50% chance of landing the decrease attack for 2 turns on each hit. So, turn off his a2 and a3, just use his a1 and you will always have it up for the whole fight.

Galek – not really a good clan boss champion as he does not bring much to the fight, he has a decrease defence on his a3, the only problem is its on a 5-turn cooldown. But since you can get him as a starter champion, he makes the list.

And unfortunately, that’s it for rare orc champions. The orc faction are really lacking in “f2p” champions for clan boss.

On to the epics:

Vrask – is an interesting case. On paper, he brings absolutely nothing in terms of damage to the fight, but what he brings is insane heals. Because of his passive with every single crit hit, he will heal all allies of his max hp by 10%. Vrask is one of the most underrated healers in the game. He can single-handedly keep your entire team alive.

Torturehelm – I know what you are thinking. “What is he doing on this list?” Well, there are clan boss comps out there using Torturehelms revive ability as a stun target in an unkillable team. So, for that, he deserves to be on this list.

Trumborr –  is a champion who 100% deserves to be on this list. He has a weaken and leech on his a1, a cleanse on his a2 and an ally protection on all allies on his a3. He has everything you need in a support champion. Truly a great clan boss champion!

Sandlashed survivor – is one of the true og’s of the clan boss fight. She has a buff increase on her a2 and an aoe ally protect on her a3, even though this only goes on when any ally drops below 50%. There are some great comps on here using Sandlashed to great effect.

Liburga – is the first champion on this list to have one of the best ways to do damage in the fight against the Demon Lord and that is Poisons. She has poisons on her A1 and A2, the A2 also brings poison sensitivity. Her passive is also very good with a 50% chance of increasing all poisons by a turn every time she is hit.

Some great Epics there now on to the main event! The Legendaries.

Warlord – It’s funny nowadays to talk about warlord as a clan boss champion as he is so integral to the end game arena meta. But did you know he has a great kit for the clan boss too? His A1 has a chance to increase all debuffs by a turn and then he has block debuffs and a good size shield on his A2. Not bad at all!

Teela Goremane – I never thought I would put her on this list but after, what feels like, her 50th buff. She is finally good Enough to come out of the vault and into your Clan Boss team; HP Burn and a heal on her A2, and when that HP burn is out. She can place a leech and Hex on the Demon Lord with her A3. With the recent change to Hex this can increase your damage potential.

Kreela Witch-Arm – Teela’s sister and I think Teela has to be jealous of her and she would be right to be. Kreela is an Awesome champion overall and in Clan Boss she really shines, she is only of the few Ally Attack Champions in the game but what elevates her up to one of the best is her ability to place increase attack and increase crit rate for 3 turns when she uses her A3, plus she hits hard.

Iron Brago – is the best Defensive Clan Boss champion in the game for support. He is all about the defence of your team, increase defence for 3 turns on his A2 and his Passive is just incredible. His passive increases the defence of your whole team by 10% if His Defence.

Honourable mention

Gomlok Skyhide should be on this list as a full member but since he is a Doom tower reward and if anyone is starting the game now, it would be nearly a year before you get him and once you do, your account won’t need him.

And that’s it! The best champions from the Orc Faction for your fight against the Clan Boss. Who do you use in Clan Boss from the Orc faction? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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