Raid’s Ultimate Beginner Clan Boss Guide

Published On: May 24, 2024
Raid's Ultimate Beginner Clan Boss Guide

Raid’s Ultimate Beginner Clan Boss Guide is here and we want to run through the basics and fundamentals that you need to get the Clan Boss down!

If you play Raid Shadow Legends, you’re probably familiar with the Clan Boss. This is the primary source for valuable items such as Shards, Legendary, Epic, and Rare books, as well as Cruel and Immortal gear.

Before diving into the details, let’s cover the basics:

The Clan Boss has several stages, ranging from Easy to Ultra Nightmare. It’s crucial to ensure your clan is tackling the appropriate level boss for your team’s strength. Progressing through these stages yields better rewards, and reaching Ultra Nightmare, as I have, grants access to the top-tier rewards like Sacred Shards and Legendary books.

To participate, click on the Clan Boss banner in the Battles tab on the home page. You’ll see a key counter in the top right corner, which regenerates one key every 6 hours. This allows for up to 4 free hits on the Clan Boss each day. Be sure to use these keys wisely and time your hits effectively to maximize your daily rewards.

What does the Clan Boss do?

First, let’s break down the Clan Boss’s abilities and how they function. Understanding these will help you determine the necessary positions and roles for your team to compete effectively.


AOE Attacks: The Clan Boss’s first two moves are AOE (Area of Effect) attacks, which can devastate your team. The longer the battle, the harder he hits, so keep this in mind.

Crash Through:

  • Description: A four-hit ability.
  • Void Affinity (first 50% of health): No self-buff.
  • Affinity Phase (Magic, Spirit, Force): Places an increase attack buff on himself.
  • Cooldown: 3 turns.
  • Strategy: Be aware that his increased attack will significantly boost his damage in later stages.


  • Description: A single, powerful AOE hit.
  • Debuffs (based on affinity):
    • Void: 5% Poisons.
    • Force: Decrease Attack.
    • Magic: Decrease Accuracy.
    • Spirit: Decrease Speed.
  • Strategy: Apply increase defense or shields before this move hits to mitigate its impact.

Crushing Force:

  • Description: Single target ability that stuns for 1 turn.
  • Strategy: Anticipate this move to apply block debuffs or have a cleanser ready to remove the stun. Healing is essential to recover from this hit.

Passive Abilities

Infernal Resilience:

  • Effect: Reduces damage from poisons, HP burns, and enemy max HP abilities (e.g., Coldheart’s A3, Royal Guard’s A2).
  • Damage Caps: Varies by boss level, with poison damage capped at 50,000 at the highest tiers.
  • Debuff Limit: Maximum of 10 debuffs can be applied at a time.
  • Immunities: Stuns, freezes, sleep, decrease speed, turn meter reduction, and HP balancing/exchange abilities do not work.

Gathering Fury:

  • Effect: Damage increases from turn 10, escalating more rapidly after turn 20. By turn 50, the boss ignores block damage and unkillable buffs, effectively nuking your team.
  • Strategy: Deal damage quickly to maximize your hits and survive longer.

Almighty Immunity:

  • Effect: Immunity to debuffs such as block cooldown skills, fear, true fear, and provoke.
  • Strategy: Do not bring champions with these debuffs into the fight as they are ineffective.

The Essentials for a Strong Clan Boss team

The most crucial debuff to apply on the Clan Boss is decrease attack. This reduces the damage the Clan Boss deals, allowing your team to survive longer and inflict more damage over the course of the fight.

Key Abilities and Strategies

  1. Decrease Attack:
    • Importance: Reduces the Clan Boss’s damage.
    • Strategy: Find a champion with Decrease ATK in their a1 ability.
  2. Poison/HP Burn:
    • Poison:
      • Role: Your highest source of damage.
      • Strategy: Stack poisons up as many as possible along with the other debuffs.
    • HP Burn:
      • Limit: Only one HP burn can be active at a time.
      • Strategy: Bring only one champion with HP burn; focus on poison for additional debuffs.
  3. Increase Speed:
    • Importance: Critical for early to mid-game stages (up to Brutal Clan Boss).
    • Strategy: Ensure your team gets as many turns as possible to apply debuffs and land hits, especially with masteries like Warmaster and Giant Slayer.
  4. Counterattack:
    • Champions: Valkyrie, Martyr, and Skullcrusher are the of champions that have the team Counterattack.
    • Strategy: If you have one of these champions, they are essential. Counterattack allows your team to land more hits, apply more debuffs, and significantly increase damage output.
  5. Healing:
    • Need: Continuous AOE damage requires constant healing.
    • Methods:
      • Lifesteal Gear: Effective for healing through damage dealt.
      • Dedicated Healer: An alternative to lifesteal gear, although lifesteal becomes more efficient as you progress.
    • Strategy: Use lifesteal gear for self-sustained healing, freeing up team roles for additional damage and debuff application.
  6. Weaken:
    • Reason: The Clan Boss has relatively low defence on Easy, Normal, Hard, and Brutal difficulties, making Weaken highly effective for boosting your damage.
  7. Decrease Defence: Becomes more important in the late game.
    • Reason: On Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare difficulties, the Clan Boss’s defence scales significantly higher. Decrease Defence helps mitigate this, allowing your hits to deal much more damage.

By prioritizing these abilities and strategies, you can maximize your damage and efficiency against the Clan Boss, improving your overall performance and rewards in Raid Shadow Legends.

Things like ally protections, increase defence and debuff extenders are really good for your team. Make sure you lookout for the champions that have these abilities.

A good F2P friendly team

Clanboss Speed Accuracy Required Defence Required
Ultra-Nightmare 190 230+ 3500+
Nightmare 170 200+ 3000+
Brutal 160 170+ 2700+
Hard 150 150+ 2400+
Medium 140 100+ 2100+
Easy 130 70+ 1800+

The above chart is what stats you should have for the different stages of the clan boss

Generally, you will need to make sure you are going faster than the clan boss you are hitting. Up to brutal you want to lap the clan boss as many times as you can. So, you need to be as fast as possible. Great champions for that are apothecary, High Khatun even Diabolist. These are some of the champions that you can bring in that can increase your turn meter.

Accuracy is so important because if you are not landing your debuffs then you are not going to stay alive.

So, if we talk about your poisons and you don’t have enough accuracy to land those poisons. They won’t land and you won’t get the damage from them. Same as Decrease ATK, Decrease Defence or Weaken not enough Accuracy and they won’t land either.

Lastly is defence this is something that is so important in this game if you have a decision to make whether to put more health or more defence for your clan boss team 99 times out of 100 times you should pick defence. The defence numbers in the above chart is a guide to the minimum number you should get. The clan boss has no way to decrease your defence so, the higher your defence the longer you will stay alive, which in turn will help you increase the damage you will do to the clan boss.

An example of a F2P friendly clan boss team is:

Kael: starter champion that brings Poisons
Apothecary: Healer and Turn Meter boost
Marked: Decrease Defence and Increase Defence
Coffin smasher: Decrease ATK and HP burn
Frozen banshee: Poisons and Poison Sensitivity

Good luck everyone!!! Clan boss is the only place where you can get Books and shards on a regular basis. You can also get end-game gear cruel and immortal.

Let us know what boss you are hitting and what is your personal best score in the comments we love to hear from you!

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