Ranking the BEST Unkillable Clan Boss Teams

Published On: July 27, 2022

Here at DeadwoodJedi.com we pride ourselves as the Home of the Clan Boss. So today we are going to rank the best unkillable teams. This is going to be tough as there are so many great teams but ultimately, we have to pick the best teams subjectively and of course, we are not saying that the team in 1st place is the best and you have to run it, it’s just that team is a better one key for ultra-nightmare than, say, the team in 5th place. But it’s still a one key. It’s all down to the champions you have at the end of the day. All these teams and comps can be found on the website in the speed tune list drop-down or in the speed tune filter.

Let us get into it!

10th – Double Demytha:

Double Demytha is a great comp and has the Demy-god’s going in a two-for-one ratio so they take turns applying the block damage buff at the end of each clan boss turn, and with Demytha’s buff extension you will always have your buffs up. The plus on this, it is quite easy to build with the demy’s being the only champions with high speeds

This team is at best a two-key ultra nightmare team, however, its more reasonable at a three-key team

9th – Un-Kreelable:

The Un-kreelable is an upgrade to the classic budget unkillable comp, adding in Kreela’s A3 buffs of increase crit rate and increase attack meaning when building your champions, you only need to build them with 70% crit rate and the increase attack is great to boost your potential damage output. But what she is more commonly known for and increases your damage ten-fold is her chance to Ally attack with 3 of your other champions.

Speeds and gear are a little bit higher than the budget unkillable

Max potential is a two key ultra-nightmare team with a three key being very achievable

8th – Myth-Tower:

This is probably the easiest team to build on this list as the speeds are very achievable as Roschard is the only one that has high-ish speed. Roschard and Demytha work great together with and works similarly to the double Demytha. however, Demytha is there to block the stun and with her block debuffs and extension of them makes this comp very affinity friendly.

This team is only this high as its quite easy to build and it can potentially be a two key ultra-Nightmare team with a very comfortable three key

7th – MythEater:

This is a great comp to run, the Maneater is very fast but everyone else is at normal speeds with Demytha keeping the unkillable up, also, having Maneater there will enable you to be affinity friendly. the damage output in this team is potentially every high as you have a 4:3 ratio DPS champion.

This comp is the first on the list that has the potential to be a one key team with the right champions and gear. Otherwise, it will be a very comfortable 2 key Ultra-Nightmare comp. and that’s why its number seven on the list. This also is great when you are missing the key turn meter boost.

6th – Batman Forever

The Classic of all classic Block Damage unkillable team. This is the team that started it all. Two block damage champions (any block damage champion works) with Seeker and you have a 2:1 ratio for 50 turns. It does only have one DPS slot however, the plus to this is they can be in relentless gear which is massive. If you want to be affinity friendly a cleanser is in the other spot, however, you can put another DPS in there if you want.

This is the first team that can easily do a one key ultra-nightmare with the right gear.

5th – Myth-Heir

Myth-heir was the first comp that challenged for the top spot of unkillable teams as it is capable of getting over 100 million damage and it started it all with the Demytha awakening. This is probably the best comp out there, but the problem is there is only one DPS slot and if you do not have the other 4 champions you can’t run it and that is the only reason its this low on the list.

The affinity limitations to protect heiress is also a factor. However, in saying that this is an awesome team and if you can build it, you should 100% build it.

4th – Easy Double Maneater

It works on all affinities; all levels and it is really easy to build, and it is the reason two Maneater’s are better than one. It’s the natural progression from the budget unkillable and when you get this team going there is no turning back.

The speed are super easy to get, and you have the ability to put in three DPS champions and with the maneaters always going last in the rotation you can have anyone you like as your DPS champions, (as long as they don’t boost turn meter) the only downside to this comp is, it has a set up and can’t be full auto.

3rd – Slow Hellcat

The slow hellcat team is a phenomenal comp, you just need helicath to stay unkillable and he brings it all shields for the stun and block damage for the AOE’s. all you need is Helicath, and you have an unkillable comp and that’s why its at 3rd place

Two key is very achievable with this comp even with not so good champions and terrible gear. It does require a cleanser and a block debuff champions but there are a lot of options for these roles. This comp also has different variations too, with bringing in faster champions to drastically increase your damage

2nd – BatEater

What can you say about the Bateater, it’s the classic unkillable comp and it is probably still the most widely used unkillable comps by players worldwide, Affinity friendly, Add in a DPS with relentless gear and you almost certainly have an easy one key ultra nightmare team, and with the new AI setting its even easier to get started, set them up and its full auto from the start. If that wasn’t enough this is the only team bar the myth-heir comp that does not require a legendary to achieve the one key.

1st – Myth-Fu

I know what you are thinking, Myth-fu as our number one unkillable clan boss team? What is wrong with us? Well, here me out.

While the Bateater is the best unkillable team in raid “if” you have the gear to one key with it, with The Myth-fu comp all you need to do is reach the speeds and have a little damage and you have yourself a very easy two key ultra-nightmare and potentially a high one key. Its as simple as that!

And that is our list congratulations to the Myth-fu Unkillable Clan Boss comp you are our champions of the Unkillable Clan Boss teams.

What did you think of our top 10, do you agree or disagree? Let us know down below we love hearing from you!

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  1. Stephen Sinift August 13, 2022 at 11:06 pm

    I’m trying to get my Myth Heir CB Team to work… so far no good… Please make a video on how to approach the calculator in troubleshooting a team that doesn’t work.

  2. Anthony Goodall November 27, 2022 at 2:42 am

    Any suggestions for a piankeeper/Maneater team

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