Razelvarg Clan Boss – The Razzle Dazzle

Published On: May 10, 2024
Razelvarg Clan Boss

Employ this Razelvarg Clan Boss Speed Tune – The Razzle Dazzle to send your damage figures soaring like a startled hare!

In Raid: Shadow Legends, speed tuning reigns supreme, serving as a pivotal element for victorious gameplay. It entails harmonizing the turn sequences of your champions to guarantee seamless cooperation, thus amplifying damage output while minimizing harm received. Amidst the diverse array of champions within the game, pinpointing the ideal speed tune may seem daunting. Nonetheless, armed with pertinent knowledge and resources, attaining an optimal speed tune for every scenario is entirely feasible.

Razelvarg Clan Boss Speed Tune – The Razzle Dazzle

Razelvarg boasts a distinctive speed aura, making him a standout champion. This adaptable speed tune is effective across both UNM (Ultra-Nightmare) and NM (Nightmare) difficulties, arguably constituting one of the slowest 2:1 ratio teams in the game.

Within this article, we delve into the intricacies of this speed configuration, furnishing you with the necessary insights for its successful replication.

Firstly, grasping the notion of “true speeds” is paramount. True speeds denote a champion’s speed sans any speed aura, serving as a crucial factor in speed tuning. When incorporating an aura, it’s imperative to adjust your build speed accordingly. Consequently, the speeds provided below exclude any speed aura. Leveraging a speed calculator proves indispensable in determining the build speed, while also factoring in any area bonuses your account may have.

261 – 270 Speeds

251-252 Protection/Block damage

251-252 Protection/Block damage

231-250 DPS

187-190 Cleanser/DPS

It’s worth noting that there are more viable speeds than those listed. The ones provided have been thoroughly tested and proven to be the most effective and consistent for the approved difficulties and affinities. Adjusting the speed of one champion can impact the required speeds for others, so it’s advisable to experiment with the calculator to optimize your team’s performance.

Razelvarg’s Clan-Boss Speed Tune Sync:

To synchronize the tune, on UNM, it will align on turn 4, NM on turn 6, and Brutal on turn 6 (turn 7 for Spirit Affinity). If Razelvarg resists the first Decrease Speed debuff on Spirit affinity on UNM, it can pose a challenge. To maintain synchronization, Razelvarg at 264 speed or faster will suffice, albeit with the DPS and slowest Protection Champs’ turn order inverted. This adjustment also slightly alters the skill timing of the slower Protection Champ to maintain the proper skill order.

Razelvarg’s Clan-Boss Speed Tune Skill Set Up:

In terms of skill setup, Razelvarg initiates with a2, followed by a3. This sequence can be prioritized in the team setup. The fastest of the Protection Champs will lead in the turn order. These two slots are optimal for utilizing Ally Protection specifically, as they follow Razelvarg’s last turn, ensuring comprehensive coverage for everyone.

Razelvarg’s Clan-Boss Speed Tune Gear and Masteries:

When it comes to gearing, employ sets that don’t affect turn meter or skill timing for key players (Razelvarg, both Protection champs, Cleanser). Relentless sets are viable for anyone. For Razelvarg specifically, avoid gear that grants Counter-Attack, Turn Meter, Buff Extension, or Skill Reduction.

Regarding masteries, stick to typical ones that won’t impact turn meter or skill timing. For Razelvarg, avoid specific masteries that grant Counter-Attack, Turn Meter, Buff Extension, or Skill Reduction.

Lastly, it’s crucial to note that the stun won’t be cleansed on UNM (and affinity debuffs based on difficulty) until fully synchronized. Therefore, plan your skills accordingly. Razelvarg cannot use Counter-Attack. Ally-Attacks must be executed immediately before Razelvarg takes his turn.

Final Notes:

If you lack the unkillable champions for the RatBatEater comp, this setup offers an alternative way to leverage Razelvarg’s speed. It’s entertaining to observe and, when properly built, can accumulate very high damage.

For a comprehensive guide, check out the link provided here.

Do you employ Razelvarg’s Clan-Boss Speed Tune? Share your experience in the comments below. We value your feedback!

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