Razzle Dazzle Survival – It Survives

Published On: May 14, 2023
Razelvarg Clan Boss

Razzle Dazzle Survival – It Survives

Use this Razelvarg’s Clan-Boss Speed Tune to make your damage numbers bounce as high as a rabbit!

In the world of Raid: Shadow Legends, speed tuning is one of the most critical aspects of successful gameplay. It involves synchronising the turn order of your champions to ensure that they work together efficiently, maximising damage and minimising damage taken. With the vast array of champions available in the game, finding the right speed tune can be a daunting task. However, with the right information and resources, it is possible to achieve an optimal speed tune for any situation.

One popular speed tune for Raid: Shadow Legends involves the use of Razelvarg

Razelvarg is a champion with a unique speed aura. This speed tune is versatile, working for both UNM (Ultra-Nightmare) and NM (Nightmare) difficulties, and is arguably one of the slowest 2:1 ratio teams in the game. In this article, we will explore the details of this speed tune and provide you with the information to replicate it successfully.

First, it is essential to understand the concept of “true speeds.” True speeds refer to the speed of a champion with no speed aura, and they are critical in speed tuning. When utilising an aura, reduce your build speed accordingly. Therefore, the speeds listed below exclude any speed aura. The speed calculator is an essential tool in finding the build speed and considering any area bonuses your account may have.

The speed ranges for this speed tune are:

260.72-270.49 Razelvarg

250.55-252 Protection/Block damage

250.55-252 Protection/Block damage

231-250 DPS

187-190 Cleanser/DPS

It is important to note that there are more speeds that will work than are listed. These are the ones tested that work best and most consistently for the approved difficulties and affinities. Changing the speeds of one champion can also affect the speeds needed for other champions. Therefore, experiment with the calculator to find what works best for your team.

Razelvarg’s Clan-Boss Speed Tune Sync

For syncing the tune, the UNM tune will sync on turn 4, NM tune on turn 6, and Brutal tune on turn 6 (turn 7 on Spirit Affinity). If Razelvarg resists the first Decrease Speed debuff on Spirit affinity on UNM, it can be problematic. To keep things in sync, Razelvarg at 264 speed and faster will work, but the turn order of the DPS and slowest Protection Champs will be inverted. This will also cause a slight alteration to the skill timing of the slower Protection Champ to maintain proper skill order.

Razelvarg’s Clan-Boss Speed Tune Skill Set Up

In terms of skill set up, Razelvarg opens with a2, then a3. This can be prioritised in the team setup. The fastest of the Protection Champs will go first in the turn order. Those two slots are ideal for using Ally Protection specifically since they will go after Razelvarg‘s last turn, allowing everyone to be covered.

Razelvarg’s Clan-Boss Speed Tune Gear and Masteries

For gearing, any sets that don’t affect turn meter or skill timing for the key players (Razelvarg, both Protection champs, Cleanser) can be used. Relentless can be used for anyone. For Razelvarg specifically gear that can grant Counter-Attack, Turn Meter, Buff Extension, or Skill Reduction should be avoided.

Regarding masteries, stick to typical masteries that won’t affect turn meter or skill timing. For Razelvarg, specific masteries that can grant Counter-Attack, Turn Meter, Buff Extension, or Skill Reduction should be avoided.

Finally, it is important to note that the stun will not be cleansed on UNM (along with affinity debuffs depending on the difficulty) until fully in sync. Therefore, plan your skills accordingly. Counter-Attack cannot be used on Razelvarg. Ally-Attacks must be used immediately before Razelvarg takes his turn.

Final Notes:

If you don’t have the unkillable champions to achieve the RatBatEater comp, this is the next best way to utilise Razelvarg’s speed. It is fun to watch and if built well can achieve a very high damage accumulation.

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