Road to UNM–Week 1 is done and so is the campaign.

Published On: February 19, 2023

The last we left Deadwood; he has just finished day 2 and pulled some shards. He just got himself an Elva Autumnborn. This left DWJ with a dilemma, to use her or not. DWJ chose not to use her until he had completed the Brutal campaign So, Deadwood had a plan.

The days that followed DWJ spent all his time Farming food and completing the missions and challenges to get more resources for the most important thing you can do, and that’s to six star your starter champion and by the end of week he got that done, which was not the quickest in the challenge but in playing the game normally, this is fast. In completing a brutal campaign, he did this in only 4 days, which is no easy task to do so. How did he do that quickly? Let’s find out.

Clearing Brutal Campaign–How to do it!

Starting off it was slow progress as he had restricted himself to not using Elva, pulling any legendary this early will help you immensely in the early game in every area and campaign is no different, Deadwood having deacon makes campaign a lot easier to blast through the stages. One thing Deadwood didn’t do, was three stars every stage. He wanted to get to 12-3 brutal as fast as possible to farm food. So, he put in a team all maxed level; he didn’t care about the xp at this point 12-3 was his goal and he achieved that quick in just four days. The only problem with this is DWJ didn’t have a champion that could solo farm 12-3 yet.

The best way to clear campaign is not get stuck on three starring a certain stage, you can always come back to it. But to clear the campaign and eventually three star everything the general rule is.

To clear the difficulty

Normal: starter champion needs to be level 40 with the starter gear levelled to 8 with a team with them

Hard: starter champion at level 50, gear at level 12 with some at 16 and some masteries and a support champion.

Brutal: starter champion at 60, fully ascended, full masteries, and gear at 16

So, now your starter champion is now fully ascended with full masteries and at 60 you can, always, go back clear the stages you didn’t 3 star to get those lovely rewards.

Deadwoods tip of the day:

Don’t worry about three starring every stage; you can always come back when your champions are strong to clear them.

What’s next?

Next up we discuss what else our man Deadwood has been up to on his road to Ultra Nightmare, including using the Forge, arena progression and of course Clan Boss Progression!

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