Siphi & Krisk: 2:1 Clan Boss

Published On: July 22, 2022

This tune is for you people with some crazy luck in pulling champs! The team in the DWJ showcase is Krisk, Siphi, Skullcrusher, Frozen Banshee and Vizier. Now this team isn’t accessible to all players in the game but if you have these champs and are struggling for a team to put together to fight the Demon Lord then look no further and follow this guide to take down the Clan Boss and reap the rewards!

The Team

Vizier is running at 195 speed and is there to extend the debuffs such as Krisk’s Attack Down and Frozen Banshee’s Poisons. Vizier is a great Clan Boss champion as he can extend all the debuffs that you’ve placed on the Demon Lord, this means you don’t need to bring multiple champions to do one job. Vizier needs his accuracy high and needs to be tanky enough to withstand the harshest slam from the Boss.

Krisk is running at 248 speed, and he is there to bring Defence down plus Attack down whilst being incredible tanky and protecting your team! There Is a reason people are after this champ and it’s because he is an absolute beast of a champion and if you’re lucky enough to have one then use it to full use! Krisk has an AOE ally protect and places Continuous heals to top up your team if they fall low in health. He then increases the duration of buffs for your team so teaming up with Skull crusher gives you that extra turn of freedom. Krisk is running in a tonne of DEF with a nice bit of HP.

Siphi is running at 269 speed and she runs as your block debuff champ to avoid the stun. Plus the many other buffs that she can provide. In DWJ’s run he uses Lifesteal gear to keep the length of the run-up. She is stacked in HP and DEF whilst keeping the speeds up.

Skullcrusher is running at 196 speed and is there to place a Counterattack to maximise the damage output you can offload to the Demon Lord. He used to be one of the best champions and the most sought-after in this area but now unfortunately the meta has changed and players have adapted new teams and strategies, so this is great for the old-school champ to get his name back out in the spotlight. Skullcrusher is running in high DEF and a nice chunk of HP.

Frozen Banshee is running at 225 speed and she’s in the team to poison the Clan Boss like no tomorrow. She is excellent at offloading Poisons, especially with Vizier extending the debuffs and Skullcrusher counterattacking so she can place more Poisons and fill the debuff bar. She also has Poison Sensitivity which will make her damage much higher. She has high ACC to hit the Poisons to really kick out the damage.


To start the run you need to manual Siphi a2, Krisk a2, Frozen Banshee a3, Skullcrusher a1, Vizier a1, Siphi a1, Krisk a1, Frozen Banshee a1, Skullcrusher a2, Vizier a1, Siphi a1, Krisk a3 then full auto it should be at turn 4 you can full auto and go do whatever you need to and wait for your clan boss run to be over and you have slain the Demon Lord!

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