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2:1 Ratio

Running a champion at 2:1 ratio allows your team to cycle their abilities faster (maintaining key debuffs) but also place twice the amount of attacks. This can lead to a much higher damage per key. All the best performing keys have some element of 2:1 or even 3:1 in their composition. Below are the various 2:1 options available to you.

Myth Rue-Elva

Unkillable team based on the Myth Heir team utilizing the unique abilities of Ruella and Elva Autumnborn combined with Demytha to create a extremely fast and effective team.

Batman Forever

This is the unkillable version of the Batman 2:1 with Seeker. Can be made full auto and affinity friendly with a cleanser or block debuffs champion.

Myth Buster

Demytha Unkillable team utilizing Cardiel’s for his speed aura and to stay affinity friendly.

Myth Heir Salad

Demytha Unkillable team utilizing Heiress to stay affinity friendly with Ma'shalled.

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