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2:1 Ratio

Running a champion at 2:1 ratio allows your team to cycle their abilities faster (maintaining key debuffs) but also place twice the amount of attacks. This can lead to a much higher damage per key. All the best performing keys have some element of 2:1 or even 3:1 in their composition. Below are the various 2:1 options available to you.

Get Nekh-REKT

Using Nekhret, Krisk, and Ma'Shalled to create a monstrosity.

Ma’shalled White Whale

Multiple versions of a 2:1 Ratio Team with Ma'Shalled. Excellent entry build into faster clan boss teams


Hellmut-Seeker-Double ME Unkillable team that doesn't work on Force.


2:1 Unkillable with Deacon Armstrong, Pain Keeper, and two Maneaters.

What in the Hellmut

Runs Archmage Hellmut at 3:1 Ratio with Seeker to provide permanent suite of buffs for your DPS champion.

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