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High Khatun

High Khatun is your first major turn meter boost champion you get when starting a new account. With a speed aura and a solid turn meter fill with Increase Speed buff, your early speed tunes will likely include this champion. Below are the the list of known tunes that include High Khatun.

Myth Seeker

High Khatun (or similar) leads the team with Demytha and Seeker and 2 DPS champions. Can be affinity friendly.

Myth Deacon

This speed tune is ideal for anyone looking to utilise Demytha in a 2:1 Fully Unkillable Comp without Seeker. It uses Deacon Armstrong and High Khatun to fill Turn Meter and Increase Speed whilst giving 2 spots for damage. Speeds are quite high so will be challenging gear wise.

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