Maneater is a monster when it comes to enabling Unkillable teams for the clan boss. Bringing both unkillable and block debuffs makes him negate many of the challenges when building a team. There is a vast number of options ranging from easy, budget 1:1 comps all the way to extreme 2:1 and even 3:1 teams. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Maneater.

Man Salad

Using Double Maneater and Ma'Shalled to achieve an affinity friendly 2:1 unkillable team.


Maneater and Warcaster Unkillable team where you can use Counter-Attack and Ally Attack Freely.

Fast Double Maneater

Fast Double Maneater Unkillable team that is fully affinity friendly. UNM or NM only. Recommend using the Easy Double Maneater Unkillable team instead.


Adds a 4:3 champion and Ally Attack to the Budget Maneater Unkillable

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