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Roschard the Tower

Roschard the Tower is a the original block Damage Champion with the unique ability to apply the buff for 2 turns. Below are the comps currently found that include Roshcard.

The Dark Knight – aka, WarCrusher

Using Renegade and Warcaster/Skullcrusher to stay unkillable. Affinity can be difficult to navigate, but there are solutions. An excellent option for those lacking other unkillable champions.

ManTower Fast

Fast Tower and Maneater Stays Unkillable and Affinity Friendly.

The Two Towers

Two Roschard the Tower on a 5:4 turn ratio, alternating block damage to stay unkillable. Has some difficulty with spirit affinity - beware!

The North Pole

Santa or Tower + Warcaster Unkillable with slot for cleanser for affinity friendliness.

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