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Sir Nicholas

The only other alternative to Maneater for Unkillable buff is Sir Nicholas. He was originally quite difficult to tune due to his AI but with the new AI tool we can get around this. He doesn’t bring the Block Debuffs but he does bring an alternative approach to the unkillable composition. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Sir Nic.

ManTower Fast

Fast Tower and Maneater Stays Unkillable and Affinity Friendly.

The North Pole

Santa or Tower + Warcaster Unkillable with slot for cleanser for affinity friendliness.


WarTower comp uses Warcaster and Roschard (Sir Nic is an alternative) to stay unkillable for 50 turns and use Doompriest to stay affinity friendly. Warcaster cannot be the stun target

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