Unkillable Speed tunes offer the best damage per key for most players requiring far less gear to achieve good results and often instantly unlock 2 key UNM capability. There are plenty of options with a number of Unkillable enabling champions including Demytha, Roschard the Tower and the more frequently used Maneater speed tunes. Below is a complete list of all unkillable compositions.

Myth Rue-Elva

Unkillable team based on the Myth Heir team utilizing the unique abilities of Ruella and Elva Autumnborn combined with Demytha to create a extremely fast and effective team.

Ninja CatEater

Unkillable Team utilizing Ninja, along with Helicath and Maneater to stay unkillable and affinity friendly.


Unkillable Team utilizing Block Damage (Warcaster, Tower or Sir Nicholas) and Maneater to stay unkillable and affinity friendly

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