Basic Account Takeover


✓ 50 million Silver
✓ Use of Gems, Books, Chickens
✓ Access to your account

Full Details in the Description Below


The Basics gives you the opportunity to have me and my reliable brain-trust set you up for success by reworking the most essential building blocks for any account to improve, tackling the 4 Main Dungeons (Spiders, Dragon, Ice Golem, Fire Knight) as well as Clan Boss. This will enable you to farm the best gear and reap the best rewards. You must have at least 50 million in silver ready, and allow full access to resources – books, gems, silver – or at least detail what you don’t want touched. If your clan has rules about CB runs, you are responsible for making arrangements ahead of time.

Due to the extensive nature of a takeover like this the time taken to complete can span multiple weeks and require the accumulation of more silver over that span. There is a breadth of both Champions and Gear required for such work.

There is no guaranteed specific level achievement or difficulty advancement, only that improvement will be made. It’s too highly dependent on gear and champions to guarantee more than that and I refuse to promise more than I can deliver, though positive improvement is the overwhelmingly consistent result. Once purchased my team will typically reach out within a week to arrange timing for the work.


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