Faction Wars


✓ 15 million Silver per team
✓ Use of Gems, Books, Chickens
✓ Access to your account


This takeover will have me and my reliable brain-trust do a makeover of ONE Faction War team of your choice. You can choose from any faction, with the understanding that work can only be done on the specific day the faction is open – this can potentially lengthen the time of work! You must have at least $15 million in silver ready, and allow full access to resources – books, gems, silver – or at least detail what you don’t want touched.

There is no guaranteed specific level achievement or difficulty advancement, only that improvement will be made. It’s too highly dependent on gear and champions to guarantee more than that and I refuse to promise more than I can deliver, though positive improvement is the overwhelmingly consistent result. Once purchased my team will typically reach out within a week to arrange timing for the work.

Each additional faction team you order will cost an additional $65 and can be arranged when I reach out to schedule the work.


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