The Best Clan Boss Damage Dealers!

Published On: September 30, 2022

In Raid: Shadow Legends we all need a *DPS/nuker champion for all of your teams, and these champions can really be anyone. However, in Clan Boss, you need particular champions that do a particular job and have certain abilities and debuffs. Who are these champions and who is the best? Today we are going to find out!

*DPS stands for Damage per second

I will not rank them as I feel that is an impossible task, so instead, I will list them. The parameters of the champions that make this list will comprise; they need high direct damage, debuffs, and/or passive damage


Geomancer is a great epic champion for Clan Boss. his damage almost all the time comes from his passive. When Geo places an HP Burn debuff on the Demon Lord. Every time the boss takes a turn and inflicts damage on your team Geo will reflex a portion of that damage back at him. This means over the course of the battle the damage potential can be the difference between a 2 key and a 1-key fight. Geo works very well when he is negative affinity as he will take more damage meaning he will reflect more damage back.


Fayne is a spirit epic champion. fayne has it all poisons, weaken, decease defence and good damage potential


Turvold is the epitome of pure damage if you can active his A3 with enough buffs he will hit the clan boss into the ground. Unfortunately, that’s all he brings, but that’s enough.


Ninja an amazing champion and it is unfortunate that newer players will never have the chance to get him. His passive increases his damage over time against a boss, and his A3 with the HP Burn instant activation can cause massive amounts of damage, plus he has a decrease defence on his A1


Jintoro has no poisons but what he brings is a lot of direct damage. He hits really hard. He also has a cool addition to his abilities where every 4 hits with his A3 he will strike the boss five times. To top it all off he also brings a weaken and decrease defence.


Brogni is a special mention on this list as he doesn’t really bring any real damage he is more of a protector. But what he brings as damage is something similar to Geomancer, when any champion has a shield on them when the clan boss attacks will reflect a portion of that damage back at him.

Corpulent Cadaver:

Cadaver is an unusual mention on this list as he really does nothing for the clan boss. but he is the biggest overall damage dealer to the clan boss in history and it’s all because of his ability to deal damage based on the size of his shield. Cadaver is the main damage dealer in the world record clan boss comp doing a million damage with one hit!


Venomage is a great epic poisoner and to add to that when heal reduction is on the boss everyone takes less damage from AOE attacks, helping your allies to stay alive


Kael is by far not the best damage dealer for clan boss in Raid Shadow Legends and is only on this list because he most likely was your first damage dealer for clan boss and we all have a soft spot for our first!

Lord Shazaar:

Lord Shazar is a sleeper damage dealer for clan boss. He brings nothing really bar true damage and my word can he bring the pain! Lord Shazar can rack up the damage for your team.


If you are building an unkillable team Draco is the best DPS champion there is. A1 absolutely smacks, 4 poisons on his A2, weaken and decrease defence on his A3. just a perfect champion for Clan Boss and I think you would be hard-pressed arguing me on that fact.


Of course, there are many more champions that can be DPS champions in clan boss i have only named the most popular ones. As I mentioned at the start of this article, any champion can be your DPS champion if you use them how they are supposed to be used.

Who do you use as a DPS champion in Clan Boss? Is it someone i didn’t mention, let us know down below we love hearing from you!

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    I just used corvis and he actually got more damage than Geo… Real good poisoner !

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