Published On: March 20, 2023

We had the Clan Boss Clover Draft on Sunday, March 19th at 4 pm UTC.  With DeadwoodJedi hosting, there were 4 other participants:  Hellhades, YST, Nub Raids, and Cold Brew Gaming.

The draft got off to a raucous start, with plenty of jokes and poked fun to start off things.  The rules were settled to begin:

  • 6 champs drafted
  • 1 banned by chat after round 3
  • Snake draft (first pick in round 1 gets last pick in round 2)
  • 300k Player Power cap for the team (with the possibility to raise that to 350k if everyone agrees)
  • One Champion has to be Green or have the colour green prominently displayed on their person
  • Can swap ONE Champion that was drafted for ONE Champion NOT drafted

It began with a Spin of the Wheel to see who got the first pick.  “Luck” shone on Nub, who was celebrating his birthday, granting him the first pick followed by Cold Brew Gaming, Hell Hades, YST, and finally DeadwoodJedi.

The first round went about as expected with Demytha, Maneater, Seeker and Deacon all going off the board.  The surprises started early though with Cold Brew Gaming electing to take White Dryad Nia with his first pick.  An unexpected choice that was perhaps a misstep, though she offers some unique possibilities for speed tuning with the cooldown ability.

The second round held fewer surprises with expected champions like Skullcrusher, Geomancer, Toragi the Frog, Fahrakin the Fat, and Dark Kael.  All of these seemed worthy of Banning, creating hard decisions for the chat going forward.

Round three mostly focused on damage dealers with Ruella, Venomage, Fayne, Hotatsu, and Anax being selected. Hotatsu was the most underrated pick at this point, providing a consistent Leech, inconsistent Decrease Attack, and Increase Defense and Healing on a 3-turn cooldown – a surprisingly rare ability for an Epic Champion!

Things REALLY got interesting once the ban phase began, with the chat taking out most of the OP champions:  Maneater, Demytha, Deacon Armstrong, Seeker and Fahrakin the Fat.  At this point, the competitors could finally begin truly crafting their teams!

The Fourth Round started to see everyone really begin drafting to tune their teams.  DWJ started it off with Archmage Hellmut and that was followed immediately by Godseeker Aniri, Klodd Beastfeeder, Runekeeper and Sepulcher Sentinel.

The Fifth Round continued this trend by starting with Sandlashed Survivor, followed by Jareg, Anchorite, High Khatun, and finally Grizzled Jarl.  Everyone was filling in gaps in their teams and beginning to ensure they had the proper tunes ready to go.

The Sixth and final round began with a HUGE mistake! DeadwoodJedi panicked and took Trumborr…quickly it was evident he meant to take Trugor! But with the pick already made, he would have to deal with that error.  YST filled out his squad with Rearguard Seargent, providing that crucial Ally Protection.  Hellhades also panicked a bit, taking the only Rare Champion drafted in Marked.  Cold Brew made perhaps the steal of the draft in Liburga and Nub finished it off with Grush the Mangler.

Overall the community seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Clan Boss Clover Draft!

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