The High Myth Man!

Published On: August 14, 2022

The team we’re going to be covering today is the High Myth Man, which consists of High Khatun, Maneater, Demytha, Dracomorph and Vizier Ovelis in the demonstration video, of course, these damage dealers can be alternated out for other options, however, the other 3 cannot.

High Khatun

You’ll be using High Khatun in the leader position, and building her incredibly slow at 118 Spd. HKs job in this team is to boost your teams speed and turn meter, but outside of this make sure to build some damage into her with Warmaster too, to try and push your overall damage up as much as you can.


Demytha runs very slow too, incredibly slow infact – at 112 speed. Her job in this team is to bring Block Damage buff allowing you to be unkillable when paired with Maneater. This build is very awkward as you NEED to use 2x Perception Sets, and no lore of steel mastery for this to work.

While this may be difficult to get going, the main thing is – it works once done!


Maneater will still be running relatively fast in this team, at 245 Speed – he is by far the fastest in the team by over 100 speed! Outside of speed, make sure to focus on getting some damage into your build as Maneater can really hit hard, especially with his A2!


Draco is of course your key damage dealer in this team, and as such his stats should match – You’ll want to run 122 Speed while ensuring you have the Accuracy to land debuffs, then focussing all of your stats into Attack, Critical Rate and Critical Damage!

Vizier Ovelis

Much like Dracomorph, you’ll want to mirror this onto your second choice damage dealer, whether it be Vizier or someone else – 122 Speed, Accuracy + Pure Damage.

Set up:

This is not an auto team from the start, so follow this closely to get it right! If you want a visual of it then click the video below and watch how DWJ does it!

Maneater – A3 Delayed by 2 TURNS
Demytha – A3 at the END Of Turn Count 3

Once you’ve used Demytha’s A3 you can hit auto and you should be in full sync.

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