The Road to Ultra Nightmare Starts Now!

Published On: January 27, 2023

The challengers are ready; the Challengers are set and our man the Deadwood Jedi has one goal on his Mind, getting to Ultra Nightmare as fast as he can. But before that he has to play the game like all of us mere mortals and that is farm his first 6 star and of course the obvious choice is his starter champion Elhain. Of course Elhain will not be in the final Clan Boss team, but the key to getting there is to have a campaign farmer and a damage dealer and out of all the starting champions Elhain is arguably the best at this. Deadwood has a plan and in the first week he put it in action.

Day 1

Day 1 is always a crazy day! You get so much energy, and you can get easily distracted and get pulled each way and every way, but not our DWJ. His plan is clear! grind Campaign to the highest stage possible once DWJ hit the point where he was getting stuck, he focused on doing the missions and challenges

The Missions and Challenges are a great way to get extra resources and in particular the missions are a great guide for you on where you need to focus on. The one take away DWJ got from this, was he was very weary of the upcoming missions as he, himself, messed up and had to ascend a food champion to get past a mission.


Keep your missions in mind as you advance your account through the early game until the first milestone in the missions!

Food is Key

As you progress through the early game, you will get a good amount of shards, mainly mystery shards, but a few ancients, voids and sacred. Some players will hold on to the rarer ones for a 2x event but not our Deadwood. He needs food for his main champions so they were all pulled and of course with the hope he will pull a useful champion and oh boy did he get one! Since there was a 2x event on for ancient shards DWJ pulled his 3 shards and who would come out of that shard but only one of the best Clan Boss Champions in the game ELVA AUTUMNBORN!!!!!!!

Elva Problem

Pulling Elva was a bag of mixed feelings for Deadwood as he didn’t want to pull a legendary this early as he wanted to showcase the “true” free to play experience. SO, with this in mind he has decided to not use Elva until he gets through Brutal Campaign. Mainly because he doesn’t really need her at this stage of the game as it is all about farming food.

Gearing the champions       

In the early game you want to just focus on a few champions at first, just to get you going and DWJ chose Elhain, Deacon and Warpreist. Elhain and deacon are obvious choices but for Warpreist since there is not a lot of healing on your roster Warpreist is precious at this stage,

The gear you put on your starter champion is essential to your progress, and this is no different for DWJ. The Lifesteal gear you get for logging into the game for the first 7 days is the gear you NEED to put on your starter champion. There is no RNG with the main stats, the same can’t be said about the rolls for the substats but they are all good substats so there is no worry there.


For your starter champion use the helmet, gloves, chest and boots you get from the log in gear and then for the weapon and shield you can either use the cruel 2 piece or the divine life 2 piece you get from completing a campaign stage. These 6 pieces of gear will be on your starter champion for a long time.

For deacon DWJ was lucky enough to unlock the relentless set from the novice tournament and he was even luckier when that set had speed boots. Deacon needs to be fast, so with those speed boots too was an easy decision to put it on Deacon. Warpreist was the other champion DWJ geared and he put her in the shield set, now the stats on these are terrible but what the shield set does it is not about the stats at the moment. The shield set places a shield on all allies for two turns at the start of every round. This shield alone can be the difference between your team staying alive and dying.

Moving Forward

With the future in mind, DWJ is thinking of keeping the fusible champions for the likes of Relickeeper, as he is part of the missions and Rhazin Scarhide, the legendary Lizardman who is amazing for Clan Boss as a debuffer and a damage dealer. DWJ is also monitoring any rares he gets and at the moment the one rare he has that he will invest in will be Greybeard, the Rare Skinwalker. Greybeard has an AOE on his A2 with a chance to freeze which is a potential way to Crowd control the enemy. Greybeard also has a counterattack on his A3 and a provoke on his A1. Solid, rare overall. He pulled Athel, one of the other starter champions and Athel is an interesting prospect as she has a weaken on her A1 and hits relatively hard.

I for one, cannot wait to see the progress Deadwood has in the coming weeks, what do you think of Deadwoods chances in this Challenge? Has he hampered himself by not using Elva? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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