Unkillable Champions Ranked

Published On: June 6, 2021

Unkillable clan boss teams are the pinnacle of easy to use comps to unlock the top chests every day. When players refer to a speed tune as “Unkillable” they are referring to a team that relies on one of two buffs:

  • Unkillable – This buff will not block your incoming damage but it will ensure you cannot die from any incoming damage whilst active. This means your champion will sit on 1 HP unless healed whilst this buff is active.
  • Block Damage – This buff will block all forms of incoming damage setting this to 0 damage whilst the buff is enabled.

The unkillable buff is more common in speed tunes just because of the power of Maneater and him being an epic however both can create powerful speed tunes that can lead to high damage numbers per key.

Unfortunately, there are not that many champions that can enable an Unkillable speed tune so pulling one of these champions instantly levels up your account. Let’s take a look at these champions.



The King of the Unkillable is undoubtedly Maneater. If you are lucky enough to get him from a Void shard; congratulations, you have won Clan Boss! Pair him with the Void Rare Painkeeper and three other champions and you have yourself a solid Clan Boss team that can potentially do a 3 key on Ultra Nightmare. If you are even luckier and get a second maneater you could potentially do a 1 key on Ultra Nightmare. But, even if you don’t have the champions to pair him with, the decreased attack on his A1 is very reliable and the block debuffs on his A3, if tuned correctly, can block the stun ability of the clan boss in your non-unkillable team.

Check out the full list of Speed Tunes with Maneater here.



If Maneater is the king of Clan Boss then Demytha is the Queen. Demytha is a relatively new champion in Raid and the only champion in a long time to bring a reliable AoE unkillable buff. Demytha not only has a Block Damage ability on her A3, but she also will extend buffs on her A2 and has a small shield for a target ally on her A1. Her kit is perfect for Clan Boss, and she has single-handily opened up clan boss to many different speed tunes.

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Roschard the Tower

Until Demytha graced us with her power, Roshcard remained the only viable Block Damage Speed Tune champion. Whilst Warcaster could bring a 1 turn, it was normally extremely difficult to enable a high damage key with just him alone. Roshcard places Block Damage on his A3 for 2 turns on a 4 turn cooldown when booked allowing him to take most of the weight in terms of maintaining unkillable status. He is now probably less valuable than a Demytha, purely because of her buff extension opening up the 2:1 speed tune alongside the Unkillable in one spot. Outside of Clan Boss, Roschard brings some nifty utility with a single Target Block Active Skills and Block Buffs on his A2 that cannot be resisted. You will really only use this in niche situations as his main purpose is the A3 which can be used to annoy people in arena.

Check out the full list of Speed Tunes with Roschard here.

Sir Nicholas

Sir Nicolas is probably the most used Champion on this list but not in Clan Boss. For a long time he was considerably difficult to get his AI to play ball but since the AI tool was released to the game, he is now much more flexible in Clan Boss. His kit is pretty strong bringing a single target freeze on his A1 that cannot be resisted, an AoE Shield for two turns on his A2 based on the damage he does (think an upgraded Miscreated Monster) and the AoE Unkillable buff with a 15% continuous heal buff for two turns on his A3. The only reason he is further down on this list is because he doesn’t extend debuffs or buffs and he doesn’t have a Block Debuffs buff. So you still need to bring considerations for the clan boss mechanics.

Check out the full list of Speed Tunes with Sir Nicholas here.


Warcaster as an Epic is more accessible but he also only places his Block Damage buff for 1 turn so he will always need a partner. He is therefore a utility unkillable champion to fill a turn when needed. The rest of his kit is very useful in other areas of the game. His A2 is an AoE block buffs (although not 100%) and he can steal buffs on his A1. You’ll probably find a use for him against a certain 4 headed monster that is terrorising players.

There are a number of other champions that apply a Block Damage or Unkillable buff either as a self targetted ability, passive or as a random or single target ability. You might find some of these champions have niche use in some teams most notably Skullcrusher who can apply Counter-Attack also. However, in most unkillable speed tunes we are looking for reliable, consistent and AoE buffs for the entire team.

Do you have any of the champions mentioned and if so, where do you use them? let us know down below in the comments section, we love hearing from you!

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