Warlord – The Arena God

Published On: February 25, 2023

Warlord is a Void affinity Legendary champion from the Orc Faction in Raid: Shadow Legends. Warlord is known as an Arena God because of his reset of cooldown abilities, effectively locking out the opposing team’s big abilities. But is Warlord only an Arena champion or can you get use out of him anywhere else in the game? Before there were unkillable teams, Warlord was used in Clan Boss by many people for his other skills, mainly his A1. So, in this Spotlight we are going to take a deep dive into the man with a big weapon and a weird skull thing behind his head!

Warlords Skill Set

A1 Bludgeon

Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 25% (Books to 40%) chance of increasing the duration of all debuffs on the target by 1 turn.

A2 Protection of Gods – 4 Turn Cooldown (Books to a 3-turn)

Places a Block Debuffs buff on all allies for 1 turn. Then places a Shield buff on all allies for equal to 30% of this Champion’s MAX HP for 2 turns. Heals all allies by 25% of their MAX HP.

A3 Orcish Rituals [ATK] – 5 Turn Cooldown (Books to a 4-turn)

Attacks all enemies. Has a 70% (Books to 100%) chance to put each target’s Skills on cooldown. Has a 30% (Books to 60%) chance to fully deplete each target’s Turn Meter.


Increases Ally RESIST in all battles by 80

Skill Breakdown

Warlord is known for his A3 which attacks all enemies and if you have enough accuracy will put all your opponent’s skills on cooldown effectively locking them out of the fight. But his other skills are great, his A1 has a 40% chance to increase the duration of all buffs by 1 turn. This is incredible against the likes of the clan boss, where you can turn off his A2 and A3 and have him increase all the debuffs repeatedly so they never fall off. Then A2 has a good AOE shield and Block debuffs, which is very good in all areas of the game.

His Aura can also be very useful if you are struggling in areas where you receive a lot of debuffs.

Where to use Warlord?!

Obviously, Arena is his calling card, but that requires a certain team around him. He can be used in just about any area of the game, his A1 and A2 are extremely good in all PVE content. The A1 is great from Clan Boss. The only content he doesn’t shine in is Fire Knight as he doesn’t have a multi-hit A1 and also in some Doom Tower bosses he doesn’t bring the right tools, like, against Dreadhorn or the frost spider.

Do you have a Warlord? If so, do you use him anywhere outside of Arena? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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