What is a Speed Tune?

Published On: June 9, 2022
Myth-Fu Destroys the Clan Boss

When you are thinking of setting up a Clan Boss composition there are a few things you think of –

  • What champions are you going to use
  • The gear/stats they need and
  • What speeds you need for the speed tune of said composition

But what is a speed tuned team? We will answer that in this guide.

A Speed tune is exactly how it sounds it is where you set your champions speed, so your champions take their turns in a particular order and without gaps. Sounds simple in theory but the speed tunes are always the hardest part to get right in a Clan Boss composition and even in speed tuned teams for Doom Tower, the Dungeons, Arena and pretty much everywhere in the game.


Speed tuning in Arena is especially important to have your arena team speed tuned as it enables your champions to take their turns without the enemies cutting in and disrupting your team’s flow. There is a great tool created by the community called the Arena Calculator and this enables you to see what speeds you need to be in tune, so you don’t get disrupted.

Dungeons and Doom Tower

Speed Tuning in Dungeons and Doom Tower can be important if you want champions to go at a particular time the most common use of speed tuning is the Seer Composition. You want seer to go after your buffers and debuffers and before your skill reset champion.

Clan Boss

The area of Raid where Speed Tuning is the most important is in the Clan Boss. If you put a team of five champions into a Clan Boss fight without speed tuning them you will not get very far. There are hundreds of Clan Boss Speed tunes on this website and I am sure you will find one that suits your account and champions. Just remember some compositions can be very tricky to get right, even one or two speed off and it won’t work.

Have you ever had an issue with speed tuning? Leave a comment down below and let us know, we love hearing from you!

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  1. Paul Rolfe December 13, 2022 at 4:10 am

    Hello, and thank you for the extreme amount of work and time you’ve put into these resources. I cant appreciate it enough.
    I have a bunch of questions about the myth-fu clan boss team. I have all the champions but am confused as to the speed needed on each. In your video, you have myth at 292, but on this site where it shows the speeds required, it lists 290-291. And you explain that the speeds are very important with no wiggle room. So I was confused as to which source I should work off of. And the last part I was confused about was you stated the speeds listed on this site include fu shans aura, so shouldn’t the target numbers on myth be lower than the ones shown in the video because they are not yet affected by the aura?
    I know, im a complete mess lol. Oh! One last part, is Ronda a good dps for this build?

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