White Whale Clan Boss

Published On: June 10, 2024
Raid's Ultimate Beginner Clan Boss Guide

The White Whale Clan Boss comp was the first team to go at a consistent 2:1 ratio. It can be done in 2 ways, with many variations since first discovered. The two primary methods the first involves a speed booster like High Khatun with her Turn meter boost and speed buff and a non turn meter boost champion like Lydia with another speed boost champion or a buff extender. Today we are going to focus on the latter, Deadwood is in the middle of the F2P Challenge set out by the man himself HellHades and he has built the Lydia version of this comp. But since DWJ doesn’t have Lydia, he is going to use Elva Autumnborn with a buff extender in Valerie, and this is exactly how he is going to do it!

Choosing the champions:

There’re tons of variants with these types of teams, playing with the delays on both the speed buff champ and extender can affect when extensions happen allowing for better buff coverage.

Elva Autumnborn is the speed buff champion for this comp, she brings an AOE cleanse and a block buff and the all important increase speed buff on her A2. She also brings a speed aura of 19% which helps with the speed requirements for the whole team.

Valerie is the buff extender. Valerie isn’t great, but she brings some delightful stuff to the team. She adds a mini-increase attack buff which definitely helps Ronda’s damage. She has a baby cleanse which can be used for the stun.

Jareg is the decrease attack champion for this comp and he is one of the best at this job. He also brings an ally protect and an increase defence. Jareg is a great option as a support champion in any traditional clan boss comp.

Ronda is purely in there as damage, she brings nothing else. Her passive can produce massive damage potential.

Venomage is our poison. Venomage also has the decrease defence we need to increase the damage potential of Ronda.

How Deadwood will build the team:

For DWJ’s team, he is timing the ally protect and increase defence of Jareg along with the buff extension to ensure we have maximum coverage during the aoe attacks of the boss. But we can’t have everything all the time and in this team, we sacrifice protection for the stun itself but it is covered every other time.

Elva also goes last as speed buff champions always will. Protecting her with a champion like Jareg is quite difficult to do and so she’s in stalwart to help mitigate extra damage, since his protections will only cover her every other turn.

The tune works on NM and UNM and in theory should work for all affinities, though DWJ has to test on spirit to ensure it works as there are some unprotected moments during setup.

DWJ is aiming for 3k defence on everyone who will have an increase def buff (this takes us to an effective 4800 def, mitigating 85% of the damage dealt) and 36k+ hp. Those stats would allow us to survive past turn 30 on average. For my dedicated stun target, higher defence (closer to 4k) would be ideal since they won’t always be covered by Ally Protect and increase defence. Higher HP on everyone would also be nice to aid surviving – except for the stun target as it’s a max hp based attack.


Elva – 251

Valerie – 198

Ronda – 202

Jareg – 236

Venomage – 239

Skill delays

For UNM, use a 2-turn delay on Elva’s a2. For NM, use a 1 turn delay on Elva’s a2 and 2 turn delay on Valerie’s a2. Also turn off the a3 for both Ronda and Valerie.

There is some wiggle room in the speeds but always check the Calculator to see if you are in tune.

Different options and upgrades

Ideal upgrades to this team include champs with 3 turn cd on an ally protect and increase defence buff to ensure it stays on everyone the full fight. Using Defiant or stalwart gear on everyone. Using a better extender like Sandlashed (added protection/dmg), Godseeker or Anchorite (added healing/dmg), or even a Hellborn Sprite (weaken debuff, increase crit rate) would make a world of difference.

a geomancer would probably also be an ideal replacement for Ronda, though even a Rhazin might be an upgrade.

What can go wrong!

When you are building a clan boss team something can and most likely will go wrong for you. There are a few simple things you can do to minimise these things firstly; and the most common one is Masteries. When you are speed tuning, the masteries that affect turn meter are a big no, so cycle of magic and lasting gifts are the main one to not have equipped on your champions. The other big issue is the speed tune itself and for that the best thing you can do is input all your data into the Clan Boss Calculator. Make sure you have your turn delays right as well. If everything is correct in the calculator, then if you follow the order on manual for the first few turns you should be good!


The White Whale Clan Boss comp is the most consistent 2:1 ratio. And with the speeds not being too high it can be achieved easily enough. The variations on the champions you can use makes this comp easily accessible to most players, even players only a few months into the game and for that, it is an amazing Clan Boss comp.

Do you use the White Whale Clan Boss comp? leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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