Why is Clan Boss so important in Raid: Shadow Legends

Published On: September 2, 2022
Raid's Ultimate Beginner Clan Boss Guide

It feels, that sometimes all you hear about is Clan Boss, be it in chat forums where players are asking what team they should use. What champions are the best for Clan Boss? but why is Clan Boss so important, and that is a simple question with a multitude of answers it’s not just one thing it’s a lot of things.

The Clan Boss is designed for you to come together with your Clan mates to defeat him with your combined damage numbers and if you do manage to hit the damage total you gain double rewards, who doesn’t love more free stuff?

As you move up the difficulties your regards will get better and better the shards and books will be rolling in with an average of a shard and book every other day. You also get two of the best sets in the game the cruel set and the immortal set. Both are amazing two-piece sets to add to your damage dealers and one for support champions.

Books, Shards and Gear is not the only thing you can get from your Clan Boss rewards you will also get silver, gems and potions, I know it is not much, but you will need all of those things to progress your account. And every little helps, right?

And due to sites like deadwoodJedi.com etc. you have so many options of the teams you can run with different combinations of Champions, the combinations are really limitless.

it is not only important in Raid: Shadow Legends it is one of the best pieces of Content in Raid: Shadow Legends and to top it all off, the fact is Clan Boss will help you progress in your account on all levels, as you do more damage to the Demon Lord you will start to notice you can do the next level of a dungeon or you have ranked up in Arena and visa versa!

What do you think of Clan Boss? What difficulty are you fighting? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!

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