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Content Creator Events

Watch your favourite content creator face off against other Creators in the community in DeadwoodJedi events! Taking place over a few weeks, creators compete in Hydra Clash, Clan Boss Drafts or Faction Games contests with the winner taking the claim as the best Content Creator in Raid!

Each contest has its own rules and challenges and will test the mettle of even the most experienced and knowledgeable creator. You can view all the events below.

Faction Games 2023

As Summer subsides and we enter the Autumnal Season - Nine Creators keep the sunshine bright, competing in DeadwoodJedi's Faction Games Tournament.

Hydra Creator Clash

8 creators face off in an ultimate battle to the death against the dreaded Hydra Clan Boss - Who will be crowned Champion of the Creator Clash?

Clover Clan Boss Draft

In honour of St Patrick's day, five competitors face off in the Clover Clan Boss Draft to find out who is the greatest slayer of the Demon Lord.

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