If you want to run a 2:1 composition you’re more than likely going to need Seeker. He provides a 30% Turn Meter boost with an extra turn making it effectively a 2 turn cooldown. This allows us to run achievable speeds to enable the 2:1 ratio. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Seeker.

Myth Salad

Unkillable Team using Ma'Shalled for a Speed buff and a 2 turn Block Debuff champ to remain Affinity Friendly.

Myth Hare

Unkillable Clan Boss team focused around the crazy speeds of Razelvarg and Demytha to go incredibly fast and do great damage!

Myth Rue-Elva

Unkillable team based on the Myth Heir team utilizing the unique abilities of Ruella and Elva Autumnborn combined with Demytha to create a extremely fast and effective team.

Ninja CatEater

Unkillable Team utilizing Ninja, along with Helicath and Maneater to stay unkillable and affinity friendly.


Unkillable Team utilizing Block Damage (Warcaster, Tower or Sir Nicholas) and Maneater to stay unkillable and affinity friendly

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