Once an OG vault lord, Ma’shalled got buffed into an absolute monster and was responsible for some of the earliest high damage unkillable teams. He has a unique ability to place increase speed on an extra turn. This enables your team to run at 2:1 speed. He also deals some incredible single target damage. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Ma’Shalled.

Myth Heir Salad

Demytha Unkillable team utilizing Heiress to stay affinity friendly with Ma'shalled.

Get Nekh-REKT

Using Nekhret, Krisk, and Ma'Shalled to create a monstrosity.

Ma’shalled White Whale

Multiple versions of a 2:1 Ratio Team with Ma'Shalled. Excellent entry build into faster clan boss teams


BatEater w/ Ma'Shalled instead of Pain Keeper; Maneaters going at a 5:2

Heaven and Hell

Ma'Shalled 2:1 team using Kymar, Maneater, and Skullcrusher to be unkillable, while Belanor rains holy wrath.

Man Salad

Using Double Maneater and Ma'Shalled to achieve an affinity friendly 2:1 unkillable team.

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