Once an OG vault lord, Ma’shalled got buffed into an absolute monster and was responsible for some of the earliest high damage unkillable teams. He has a unique ability to place increase speed on an extra turn. This enables your team to run at 2:1 speed. He also deals some incredible single target damage. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Ma’Shalled.

Myth Salad

Unkillable Team using Ma'Shalled for a Speed buff and a 2 turn Block Debuff champ to remain Affinity Friendly.

Myth Heir Salad

Demytha Unkillable team utilizing Heiress to stay affinity friendly with Ma'shalled.

Get Nekh-REKT

Using Nekhret, Krisk, and Ma'Shalled to create a monstrosity.

Ma’shalled White Whale

Multiple versions of a 2:1 Ratio Team with Ma'Shalled. Excellent entry build into faster clan boss teams


BatEater w/ Ma'Shalled instead of Pain Keeper; Maneaters going at a 5:2

Heaven and Hell

Ma'Shalled 2:1 team using Kymar, Maneater, and Skullcrusher to be unkillable, while Belanor rains holy wrath.

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