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4:3 Ratio

Running a champion at 4:3 ratio can be desirable to enable a cooldown to fall into sync with the team. You may have a skill that you’d like to happen at a specific Clan Boss Turn (such as after AoE 1) but it is a 4 turn cooldown. By running your champion at 4:3 you can force this turn at the point you require. Below are the various 4:3 options available to you.

Man Seeks God

A challenging, but powerful team using Revive on Death mechanics with Maneater to stay unkillable for 50 turns.

Myth Eater

Maneater and Demytha and 3 dps with one at a 4:3 Ratio.

Santa Unkillable

Unkillable team centered around Sir Nicholas, Skullcrusher, and Pain Keeper.


Maneater and Warcaster Unkillable team where you can use Counter-Attack and Ally Attack Freely.

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