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4:3 Ratio

Running a champion at 4:3 ratio can be desirable to enable a cooldown to fall into sync with the team. You may have a skill that you’d like to happen at a specific Clan Boss Turn (such as after AoE 1) but it is a 4 turn cooldown. By running your champion at 4:3 you can force this turn at the point you require. Below are the various 4:3 options available to you.

Slow Beating Trunkheart

With the same speeds as the original Tower/Skullcrusher Unkillable and Slow Hellcat Unkillable, Emic Trunkheart creates an Unkillable team by utilizing his cooldown ability to enable another AOE Unkillable or Block Damage champ to work at insanely low speeds.

Heart Eater

Easy Maneater and Emic Trunkheart 2 key UNM comp with the possibility of a 1 key with really crazy gear.

Vergis Magic

Vergis speeds up one champ to a 4:3 turn ratio, going First/Last between AOEs. Perfect Beginner Speed Tune for Clan Boss! Works on UNM and NM!

Affinity Friendly Valkyrie with two 4:3 Champs

A 1:1 Speed Tune utilising Valkyries Shield and Counter Attack. She will go last on each turn ensuring your teams is protected throughout. Affinity friendly and capable of taking down ultra-nightmare! A great starting tune for anyone lucky enough to have pulled Valkyrie early.

Man Seeks God

A challenging, but powerful team using Revive on Death mechanics with Maneater to stay unkillable for 50 turns.

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