Unkillable Speed tunes offer the best damage per key for most players requiring far less gear to achieve good results and often instantly unlock 2 key UNM capability. There are plenty of options with a number of Unkillable enabling champions including Demytha, Roschard the Tower and the more frequently used Maneater speed tunes. Below is a complete list of all unkillable compositions.

Myth Rue-Elva

Unkillable team based on the Myth Heir team utilizing the unique abilities of Ruella and Elva Autumnborn combined with Demytha to create a extremely fast and effective team.

Ninja CatEater

Fast Tower + Skullcrusher Unkillable with a 4:3 champ to increase damage or debuffs.


Unkillable Team utilizing Block Damage (Warcaster, Tower or Sir Nicholas) and Maneater to stay unkillable and affinity friendly

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