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Roschard the Tower

Roschard the Tower is a the original block Damage Champion with the unique ability to apply the buff for 2 turns. Below are the comps currently found that include Roshcard.


Utilize Maneater and Khafru to create an affinity friendly unkillable team for UNM and NM Clan Boss.

Slow Beating Trunkheart

With the same speeds as the original Tower/Skullcrusher Unkillable and Slow Hellcat Unkillable, Emic Trunkheart creates an Unkillable team by utilizing his cooldown ability to enable another AOE Unkillable or Block Damage champ to work at insanely low speeds.


Unkillable Team utilizing Block Damage (Warcaster, Tower or Sir Nicholas) and Maneater to stay unkillable and affinity friendly

Slow Hellcat Unkillable

Using the original Tower/Skullcrusher Unkillable, but utilizing Helicath to block damage on the clan boss AOE hits and his Shield to prevent dying from the stun. Allows a cleanser or debuff blocker keep your team stun friendly against affinity CB

Fast Tower Skullcrusher Unkillable

Unkillable team using Roschard The Tower to block damage on the clan boss AOE hits and skullcrusher to tank the stun with his self unkillable.

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