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Deacon Armstrong

Deacon Armstrong has a Turn Meter Fill paired with a decrease defence and also brings a leech for non-unkillable comps. Alongside this he has a 19% Speed Aura opening up accessibility in some of the higher speed comps. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Deacon Armstrong.


2:1 Unkillable with Deacon Armstrong, Pain Keeper, and two Maneaters.

Myth Heir

A full-auto affinity friendly team that uses Demytha's block damage to stay unkillable. Deacon and Seeker push turn meter to keep speeds low, and Heiress cleanses debuffs while bringing a speed buff.

Myth Deacon

This speed tune is ideal for anyone looking to utilise Demytha in a 2:1 Fully Unkillable Comp without Seeker. It uses Deacon Armstrong and High Khatun to fill Turn Meter and Increase Speed whilst giving 2 spots for damage. Speeds are quite high so will be challenging gear wise.

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