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1:1 Ratio

When you start fighting the clan boss, you will initially throw the best champs with the best gear and do the best you can. At some point you will have 5 level 60s champions and you will want to consider a specific speed tune to improve your damage per key. A good place to start is a 1:1 speed comp where you can force specific abilities in specific orders and ensure you match the clan boss turns. Below you will find all the 1:1 speed tunes currently known.

Krisk Slow Tune

Uses Krisks ally speed buff and extend buff ability to let everyone have less speed to move faster. Perfect for early level accounts!


Simple 1:1 ratio speed tune which is the foundation for every other speed tune we've created.


WarTower comp uses Warcaster and Roschard (Sir Nic is an alternative) to stay unkillable for 50 turns and use Doompriest to stay affinity friendly. Warcaster cannot be the stun target

Affinity Friendly Valkyrie

A 1:1 Speed Tune utilising Valkyries Shield and Counter Attack. She will go last on each turn ensuring your teams is protected throughout. Affinity friendly and capable of taking down ultra-nightmare! A great starting tune for anyone lucky enough to have pulled Valkyrie early.

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