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This is a compendium of various articles about Raid: Shadow Legends contributed by the community. These are some of the brightest and nerdiest minds in Raid and we should all be thankful for it!  Myself, I can only follow a fraction of the topics presented, but even I can tell there’s some genius level thinking going on here.  So if you want to actually be smarter in the game (or feel dumb outside of it) peruse what lies within! 

If you count yourself among the geekiest of us (it’s a surprisingly large club!) and want to contribute an article contact me through discord.

Math and Nerd Guides!

The links and sites below offer you deep knowledge on how some of the math within Raid: Shadow Legends works and give you a tutorial on how you can build speed tunes. If you are into complex maths or you want to learn more about how my speed tunes work check these out!

Clan Boss Communities

There are a number of communities that help people with speed tuning, building teams and showing off crazy clan boss setups. If Clan Boss is your thing you should checkout these communities:

DeadwoodJedi Discord Group

Hell Hades Discord Group