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3:1 Ratio

Running a champion at 3:1 ratio is the dream of any clan boss team. This allows you to get three times as many attacks in or perhaps you have a 3 turn ability you’d like each turn. It is quite tough to get a full 3:1 team to perform but if you can you will get some excellent results. Often mixing 3:1 with a 2:1 comp is best and be prepared to require quite high speeds. Below are the various 3:1 options available to you.

Myth Heir Alternate

Demytha Unkillable team utilizing Heiress to stay affinity friendly and either no Seeker or no Deacon Armstrong.

What in the Hellmut

Runs Archmage Hellmut at 3:1 Ratio with Seeker to provide permanent suite of buffs for your DPS champion.

Myth Seeker

High Khatun (or similar) leads the team with Demytha and Seeker and 2 DPS champions. Can be affinity friendly.

Myth Heir

A full-auto affinity friendly team that uses Demytha's block damage to stay unkillable. Deacon and Seeker push turn meter to keep speeds low, and Heiress cleanses debuffs while bringing a speed buff.

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