Demytha is a wonderful block damage champ that also brings increase buff duration. These abilities are incredibly powerful in speed tunes and opens up many opportunities to creative unique and fun speed tunes. Below are the the list of known tunes that include Demytha.

Myth Seeker

High Khatun (or similar) leads the team with Demytha and Seeker and 2 DPS champions. Can be affinity friendly.

Myth Heir

A full-auto affinity friendly team that uses Demytha's block damage to stay unkillable. Deacon and Seeker push turn meter to keep speeds low, and Heiress cleanses debuffs while bringing a speed buff.

Myth Fu

Myth-Fu is a highly recommended, full-auto speedtune with a high speed 3:1 Demytha while Heiress cleanses the debuffs to make it affinity friendly.

Myth Tower

Utilizing Demytha to block the damage from the stun with Tower or Santa

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