Gear Cleanse


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✓ 10 million silver
✓ Access to your account

Full details in description below


A Gear Cleanse will have me and my reliable brain-trust login to your account and review unequipped artifacts and accessories. This service will keep, roll or sell gear based on your account and will include a brief primer on what pieces to keep and what to sell for the future. You will need to have at least 10 million silver ready for us to be able roll potential gear.

There is no guaranteed specific level advancement, only that improvement will be made – it’s too highly dependent on gear and champions to guarantee more than that and I refuse to promise more than I can deliver – though positive improvement is the overwhelmingly consistent result. Once purchased I typically will reach out within a week to arrange timing for the work.

1 review for Gear Cleanse

  1. Eric Engle (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a gear cleanse. I only waited 2-3 days which I think is good with how busy the team is atm. The interaction with Spliitzy was great, he explained everything going on and who would be contacting me for the cleanse. When I got the cleanse done I went from 1300+ down to roughly 850 pieces of gear and from 20 Mil Silver to 54 Mil Silver, this all seemed good but for the $100 I expected a more thorough cleanse with some gear rolled up, it didn’t seem like much of the gear was rolled for stats if any. Maybe this was just me expecting to much. I love the content put out from this team and I do support them with a monthly paid subscription. I’m not sure if I would do a gear cleanse again from them though.

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