Ally Attack – Who does it best?

Published On: November 13, 2022

With introducing Michinaki, he joins all the other champions that can ally attack and he works with an ally during their turn and attacks with them if the enemy is under the Hex debuff. There are only 14 champions in the game that have a chance of ally attack and we are going to go through them all and at the end we will discuss who is the best and why?

Uncommon Champions

Crusader is an uncommon with an ally attack skill and he is your introduction to the skill as you gain him in the game’s tutorial. The only problem with him is that’s all he does

Sergeant is another uncommon champion with ally attack, but if you looked at his kit, you would easily mistake him with Crusader. Its kit is nearly identical to his except his ally attack is with 2 champions instead of one.

Rare Champions

Hyria is not a bad champion for a rare but she is not a good one either, for early game she is useful in Clan Boss and Dragon as she has poisons on her A2 and the ally attack with 2 random allies on her A3. but the poisons are on a low chance and you will replace her quickly with a better champion. She is the only rare champion with ally attack so at least that’s something!!

Epic Champions

Lady Etessa:
Lady Etessa is all about attacking the one enemy the only problem with that is, as we all know it’s never just one enemy, its waves. Her A1 hits really hard and she has great debuffs in her kit, block buffs and stuns but it’s all one enemy. Her Ally attack is very conditional with the extra damage parameters

Catacomb Councilor
Catacomb is an average champion for the faction that he is in and his ally attack is a step up from the previous champions as he does it with 3 other champions. Other than that he is all about himself and attacking one enemy. He can be very useful in faction wars.

And now we come to the first contender for the best ally attack champion in the game and he is miles ahead of the other champions mentioned up to this point and he is:

Fahrakin the Fat
The Fatman is an amazing champion, a legend disguised as an epic.if you are lucky enough to get him he will be in most of your teams! And for clan Boss he is one of the best. Decrease Defence on his A1, HP burn and Poisons on his A2 and the great Ally attack with increase crit rate and increase crit damage on all allies. He is TOP TIER!

Legendary Champions

Astralon is really only an honourable mention as his ally attack is only when Countess Lix is on the same team. But Astralon is an amazing champion in his own right.

Lonatharil is a relatively new champion to Raid: Shadow Legends, and he is an average champion. The Fat Man does it better than him for ally attack but Lonatharil is not a Clan Boss champion

The Golden Boy of Clan Boss. Cardiel is an amazing champion, his Ally attack is the same as Fahrakin but the difference between them is fahrakin is all about the damage where Cardiel is about block buffs and an unremovable revive on death and furthermore Cardiel has a chance a chance to team up with his allies through is passive, which has no cooldowns, meaning he can do a lot of damage with his passive ally attack.

Nekhret the Great
Nekhret is one of the best champions in the game. He is part of the Platinum Arena meta and i could talk about him for hours but we are here to talk about ally attack. Yes, along with everything else he does he has an Ally attack on his A2 it’s only with one champion but it’s just another notch on his greatness.

Kreela Witch-Arm
Kreela is a great legendary champion, she brings so much to the fight. The only problem with her Ally Attack is that it’s conditional if not booked it has a 20% of not happening and since it’s with 3 random allies, it’s not a full team so, it can be a hit and miss ability.

 Lanakis the Chosen
In the same vein of Kreela her ally attack is with three random champions, however there is no chance of it not happening and combined with using her A3 first where it places increase crit rate and increase attack on all allies, then granting an extra turn. Therefore, she is used to impressive effect against clan boss and as the ally attack champion in the Arena speed farming team, The Blender comp.

Longbeard is a legacy champion in Raid: Shadow Legends he has been here since the start and is still arguably one of the best ally attack champions. He is the only Ally Attack champion that attacks with all 4 of his allies. This makes him amazing against bosses and waves of champions.

And finally, the new Shadowkin champion Michanki.
His ally attack is only available when the Hex Debuff is on the enemy. However, since his ability that places Hex is on a 3 turn cooldown, when booked, it’s up all the time and this makes him a monster ally attack champion against Hydra.


There you have it. All the ally attack champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. Who is the best for clan Boss? That has to be Lanakis as she is a key component to the world record team. In overall gameplay Longbeard is the Best Ally Attack champion, purely based on because he is the only one that attacks with 4 allies and he hits hard.

Do you agree with my choice as the best ally attack champion? Let us know down below, we love hearing from you!

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