Aphidus the Hivelord is a Clan-Boss Beast?!

Published On: December 14, 2023
Aphidus the Hivelord is a Clan-Boss Beast?!

Aphidus the Hivelord is a mythic that was added to the game not too long ago and he is a beast in the clan-boss and we are about to show you why! Now pulling a Mythical champion is very hard to do as we all know but some lucky devils may have summoned Aphidus and aren’t sure what to build him in or how to get his Clan Boss team activated.

The big reason why he is good in the Clan Boss is because of his Passive ability as it reads:

“Each time this champion places an HP Burn debuff, decreases the target’s DEF by 3% (stacks up to 30%). For each HP Burn debuff on the enemy team, increase this champion’s C.DMG by 10%. (Stacks up to 100%). Whenever an enemy HP Burn Activates, increases this champion’s ATK by 5% (Stacks up to 50%). Resets each round”

Why is Aphidus good?

One of the issues you will face for this team is getting the HP Burn out before all the other debuffs fill the bar and the Mythical champion that you bought along to scale into the fight will stay at his base level so it is going to take some planning and trial and error to get this done, but lucky for you we have fiddled with the numbers and done trials and many errors to try and get Aphidus up to the damage numbers that we want to see.

Aphidus’ a is a great skill as it activates HP Burns stacking his passive but also places an HP Burn if there isn’t one already on the boss so he stacks it no matter what. But if you paired him with a HP Burner in their kit then it would mean he will stack ATK instead of C.DMG.

His a2 is an AOE Increase ATK for your team and increases the Debuff duration so make sure you have the ones you want extended or it could go downhill and you don’t get the passive ramping up!

Be careful of his a1 as it places a perfect veil on your highest ATK ally and that could change in the fight if you are ramping up his passive like you should be so if he is the stun target that be advised that veil could screw you over!

Important Notes

For this team, you want to build it similar to a Myth-fu but without the Fushan as you are bringing Aphidus as your replacement and Dracomorph does Decrease DEF and Weaken.

You are looking to build Aphidus with around 200 accuracy maybe a tad more if you want better chances of landing the debuffs that you intend. But with books he has a -20% target Resistance.

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