August’s Clan Boss Challenge

Published On: August 10, 2023

Here is August’s Clan Boss Challenge and we are live and this month is the heat of Summer with the month of August! It is about to get Hot and Steamy in the Demon Lord’s Lair so make sure you are ready and have your fire extinguishers at the ready because it is time you brought the HEAT!

There of course is a reason to do it! Think of the rewards you could win! Gems, Epic Books and Shards!

You don’t need to have the highest damage numbers to win so don’t be put off by the Late-Game players as anyone can participate all you need to do is put a team together with the requirements, which we will get to shortly! But the main requirement is to have fun building your team and showcasing your skills!

The use of the Clan Boss Calculator is in use here and to learn more about it click here.

 Our August Contest will end AUGUST 20TH so make sure to build and submit your team by then!


So as August is one of the hottest months we have decided to make the Challenge Fire related so what does that mean?

  • Every champ must have an element of fire
  • HP Burn skills, Fire-based skill animations, and especially champs that are ON FIRE.
  • Any colour fire is allowed
  • Bombs explode, so they are allowed

These requirements allow for some interesting teams to be built and there can be a wide variety of teams that you can build! Allowing any colour fire brings in all sorts of champions that you can let your imagination run wild!

Michinaki is a great champ for Clan Boss who has the HP Burn and Decrease ATK and DEF. So it is time to think outside the box of normal Clan Boss teams and use champions that have fire in their persona!


We can’t have the teams being too crazy so we need to place some restrictions to keep the playing field somewhat level!

  • No unkillable allowed
  • No block damage allowed
  • No counterattack buff allowed
  • Run must be completed on UNM

These make it fairer and make the Clan Boss all the same for everyone so make sure you stick to the rules or your run may not count! These are very important so please do stick to them!

How to Submit your entry:

All you need to do is Submit all entries on my Discord ( with your UM # to win! It is very simple to do and you can pick up some free goodies for your efforts. Here is the specific channel once you have joined the Discord sever!

To find your UM Number all you need to do is click your avatar in the top left, and it will bring up your profile screen.

Then click INFO and you’ll see your UM Number with a yellow box saying Copy ID.

Click Copy ID and you have got your UM number and can post it alongside a Screenshot of your best run in my discord! Now for the Clarifications and Rewards! So can you actually win and how will they be decided?

  • Top 3 damage will recieve: 540 Gems, 1 Epic Book, 1 Void Shard
  • 2 Most creative or visually cohesive team (1 by DWJ and 1 voted on by the mods) with over 1 million damage will receive: 540 Gems, 1 Epic Book, 1 Void Shard
  • All other entries over 1 million damage will be entered into a raffle for 5 winners to receive: 540 Gems

This is August’s Clan Boss Challenge! Good Luck and make the Demon Lord Burn!!!!

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